18 Easy Rope DIY’s To Give Your Home A Breezy Nautical Feel

What can you do with a rope? – Everything. Before I saw these amazing ideas I never believed you can use a rope as a decoration item or to repair so many things.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a rope at my home. It’s a funny story because my husband was always throwing it away knowing I or him can’t use it anymore.

When I mentioned these ideas to him, he said that he is not ready to go through another redecorating day with me.

You know how men are.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that the next time you are going to get your hands on a rope, keep in mind that you can do many things with it.

These ideas will open up your mind for more and more. I won’t be surprised if you go to your nearest store and buy a rope.

You will fell in love in some of these awesome decorative ideas.

But, I know you won’t stop here.I know there is something hidden deep inside you that will make you think of more DIYs and share them with us.

Here we go:

1. Roped Candle Holders


Tutorial via

2. Rope Or Hem Bottomed Chair

Rope Or Hem Bottomed Chair

Tutorial via

3. Rope Wall Or Rom Divider

Rope Wall Or Rom Divider

Tutorial via

4. Easy DIY Rope Sign

rope sign

Tutorial via

5. Rope Hurricane Vase {Nate Berkus Inspired}

Rope Hurricane Vase {Nate Berkus Inspired}

Tutorial via

6. Ciao Rope Doormat

Ciao Rope Doormat

Tutorial via

7. Trash Pile Tire Made Trendy Table

Trash Pile Tire Made Trendy Table

Tutorial via

8. Rope Swing


Tutorial via

9. Rope Shelf


Tutorial via

10. Nautical Inspired Accent Table


Tutorial via

11. Lamp Shade Upgrade


Tutorial via

12. Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post

Tutorial via

13. Rope And Flower Frame


Tutorial via

14. Rustic, Nautical Rope Charger

Rustic, Nautical Rope Charger

Tutorial via

15. Rope Pendant Lamp

DIY ceiling light fixture -29

Tutorial via

16. Easter Rope Nest


Tutorial via

17. Easy DIY Harvesting Basket


Tutorial via

18. Nautical Rope Mirror


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