18 DIY To Make Your Old High Heels Look Fabulous

Women love shoes and we tend to have a pair or a few for any occasion. Sometimes those are many pairs than necessary, yet we can’t help but going to the shoe shop to find the perfect footwear to match the new dress or outfit. Unfortunately, we can’t always afford new shoes when we need them, but we can do something to make the old ones look like new and here are 18 tutorials that can show you how.

Burberry Tribal High Heels


Tutorial via apairandasparediy.com

Marc Jacobs Inspired Shoe Re-do

Marc Jacobs Inspired Shoe Re-do

Tutorial via  diydoyenne.com

Zipper Pump


Tutorial via markmontanoblogs.blogspot.com

Fade to Fabulous Glitter Heels

Fade to Fabulous Glitter Heels

Tutorial via ilovetocreate.com

Revamped High Heels


Tutorial via thediydiary.com

Geometric Glitter Heels

Geometric Glitter Heels DIY

Tutorial via ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com

Chain Heels

chain heels in just 5 steps

Tutorial via becomingelizabeth.wordpress.com

Red Toe-Capped Bling Heels

Red Toe-Capped Bling Heels

Tutorial via notdressedaslamb.com

High on Love Heels 

High on Love Heels

Tutorial via ilovetocreate.com

Lace Heels Shoe Makeover

Lace Heels Shoe Makeover

Tutorial via dreamalittlebigger.com

Holiday Shoes


Tutorial via lovemaegan.com

Laced High Heels

Laced High Heels

Tutorial via savvyhousekeeping.com

Bow Shoes

Bow Shoes

Tutorial via yellowgirl.at

Fabric Covered Shoes

Fabric Covered Shoes

Tutorial via deliacreates.com


Transparent Ankle Strap Pumps


Tutorial via  apairandasparediy.com

Rhinestone High Heels


Tutorial via littlemissmomma.com


Embellished Pumps


Tutorial via swellmayde.com

Lace Up Heels


Tutorial via lovemaegan.com

After having kids, buying new shoes is no longer that high of an priority as before, especially when it comes to fancy shoes we get to wear on special occasions. We tend to stick with those pairs that are the most comfortable and most durable, but the desire to have those flashy high heels never really disappears.

With Valentine’s Day coming you might want to get new shoes, yet your budget doesn’t allow it. And breaking in new hoes can be a bother. Luckily there are easy ways to make your old worn in shoes look even better than new ones. So, whenever you think that you don’t have the right shoes for a certain occasion, make sure to take a good look at the closet first and you’ll defiantly find something you can use… After you embellish it a bit, of course.

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