18 Car Cleaning Hacks for Making Your Car as Good as New

These car cleaning hacks are the real deal.

Whenever my husband enters my car, he says that it smells weird and asks me when was the last time I took it to the carwash. I don’t even remember when was the last time I did that.

I’m careless when it comes to my car and what can I do. Whenever I think about driving to the car wash, something else comes up, and I forget about it.

So, here is what happened to me weeks ago.

I had some free time and I decided to go with my dog out to take a walk. I saw my car looking like it just came out of a pile of mud, I took the keys, and I said to myself that I would drive to the car wash near the park and walk with my dog until it’s finished.

And that’s what I did.

Listen to me, true story!

I drove PASS the carwash, parked in the parking lot in front of the park, took out my dog, walked for an hour, and drove back home.

Are you kidding me?

I forgot to wash the car. That’s how careless I am when it’s time to clean the vehicle.

So, from now on, whenever I have free time, I will wash the car with these car cleaning hacks. I can’t risk doing something like this in future.

1. Essential Oils

Car Cleaning Hacks

2. Ironing Melted Wax or Crayon Stains

3. Olive oil for cleaning leather seats

4. Powder Cleaners + Lysol and Cloth

5. Foam brushes are great for putting on the finishing touches on your AC vents

6. Dryer Sheets for cleaning dried up bugs after a long trip

7. Toothbrush for the Dashboard

8. Toothpaste for the Headlights

9. Windows

10. Little Cracks

11. WD-40

12. Wipe down your wipers with rubbing alcohol and let dry


14. Wax your car with Hair Conditioner

15. Gooey Cleaning Slime

16. Q-tips to get into the crevices of the Vents

17. A few drops of Castile soap in vodka to clean the Windshields

18. Q-Tips

Wow. These car cleaning hacks are fun.

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