17 Awesome Food Hacks You Wish You Knew Before

I can predict your reaction after you see these food hacks. It will be: OMG Joana, why didn’t you tell this before?

Well, I don’t know why. But do you know what’s the best part? – It’s better late than never.

I’ve been using some of these hacks my whole life.

You will find some wonderful tips here that will change the way you cook, eat, and prepare food.

Everyone who loves food will feel attached to these tips. Do you know what’s the best part?

These tips will make you find more and more of these. You will even think of some new tip that you would want to share with us.

The pictures of the tips you will see contain foods that can harm your diet. Just ignore them. I know you will use them for your favorite food.

Let’s start:

1. Keep Your Salad Fresh by Putting In a Paper Towel In there

2. Bake Eggs instead Boil Them

3. Freeze Grapes and Use them as an Ice Cube Substitues for Wine

4. Get a Fruity Water in a Matter of Seconds

5. Determine The Freshness of The Eggs

6. Prevent the Potatoes From Budding with an Apple

7. Determine The Avocado Ripeness Before You Buy it

8. Wrap up The Banana Stems to Keep them Fresh

9. Prevent the Apples from Going Brown with Water and Honey Mixture

10. Make a Natural and Healthy Banana Ice Cream

11. Prevent the Jelly From Dripping Out By Surrounding it with Peanut Butter

12. Thumb Into The Middle of the Patty to Keep it Flat While Cooking it

13. Use a Pizza Cutter for Cutting The Ingredients Faster

14. Use a Straw to Remove the Strawberry Stem

15. Wet Your Fingers Before Removing Egg Shells

16. Use Dental Floss to Cut Through Soft Foods

17. Use a Muffin Tin to Make the Perfect Breakfast

If you don’t think this will change your food-life, try to use them for one week. After that, these tips will just come out of your hands. You won’t even know that you are using them.

Make sure your friends get this. They would love to know your tricks and tips.

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Source: Xenilife

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