16 Smart Inventions Every Home Should Have

We need these smart inventions to make our life complete. All gadgets in our house do a great job, but sometimes we find their weak spot.

Like all plug ins. Sometimes it’s impossible to unplug them because they are too small or our hands are too sweaty.

Every year designers around the world surprise us with something like this. The smart inventions you are going to see below shout for you to find them and buy them.

There are millions of these designs over the internet. Some of them are easy to buy, some are Kickstarter projects, and the others are just concepts.

They come in handy. I know right away how can I include in my home.

Let’s go:

1. A lock for lids

2. A shower for dogs


3. A sign projector for bikers

4. A unique gadget for those who always lose things

5. An alarm clock that makes you a cup of coffee in the morning

6. Five dishes in one pan

7. Functional bed leg covers

8. Lemon air humidifier for home and car

9. Pillows for long-distance partners

10. Spoon-scales

11. The ’light bulb’ business card

12. The easy-to-use plug

13. The onion holder

14. The portable keyboard for your smartphone

15. The spoon with a clip

16. The washing machine with space for an extra load

Amazing what people can do. These come from user-based experience, and you know they are going to be awesome.

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Source: Brightside

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