16 Simple And Lovely DIY’s To Say Goodbye To Cord And Cable Clutter

Ugh! I really hate when this happens.

I will tell you a secret. I haven’t shared this to anyone yet. I’m against the overuse of technology, but I can’t wait for this future wireless era to come!

Everything will be simple and wire-free! There won’t be any tangled smartphone chargers or other cords.

Only yesterday I’ve spent half an hour untangling 4 phone chargers. They were all charging at the same plug. You know, when you unplug one and put another there? Well, that.

My friend told me that she is using some trick to prevent the cords from tangling up. That was the turning point. Until we wait for the wireless era to come, we could use some of these tips and tricks.

I have found 16 of them. You are welcome to share more.

1.Ribbon Twist Ties


Tutorial via

2. Fabric Cable Tidy, Cable Roll

Fabric Cable Tidy, Cable Roll

Tutorial via

3. Bread Clip Cord Holder


Tutorial via

4. Earphone Cord Holder


Tutorial via

5. Leather Cord Wrap


Tutorial via

6. Hidden Cables

Hidden Cords

Tutorial via

7. Leather Cord Organizers


Tutorial via

8. Toilet Paper Roll Cord Organizer

organize your cords_thumb[5]

Tutorial via

9. Cord Identification


Tutorial via

10. Bowtie Cord Organizers


Tutorial via

11. Holder for Charging Cell Phone

Holder for Charging Cell Phone

Tutorial via

12. Sock And Cassette Tape Box As Cord Holders


Tutorial via

13. Charging System Out of a Wine Crate

Charging System Out of a Wine Crate

Tutorial via

14. Binder Clips Cable Holder


Tutorial via

15. Cordless Workplace


Tutorial via

16. Wall Wire Art


Tutorial via

True life savours! This is something all people should know.

In that manner, share it with all of your friends. Let’s put an end to the cable clutter!

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