16 Ideal Kitchen Hacks Every Food Lover Should Know

Every single person in this world is a food lover.

I haven’t met someone who said that she is not a big fan of food.

If you ask me, the kitchen is the only place where actual magic happens. There are many amazing cooks who know how to inspire and get you stunned with the taste of the food they have prepared.

They are pretty fast and I know that their secret is using some of these hacks you will see below.

In fact, these hacks are “just another day at the office” for them. It’s us who never heard of them and need to start using them on daily basis.

There is some pretty handy tricks down here.

Use a blender when making an ice cream


Use a thumbtack for perfect boiled eggs


Marshmallows will keep your brown sugar from clumping


Make perfect taco shells by baking tortillas on the oven rack


Apple slicer cuts potatoes very fast


Grill the fish over bed of lemons for the best taste


Freezing lemon slices and water into cupcake pan is the best thing ever for summer


This is how you need to cut a mango

mango cut

Freezing boiled water will give you clear ice cubes


Use waffle iron for making the perfect hash browns

Shake your egg for 2-3 minutes to get the “Golden egg” effect


Use tortillas if you are out of chips


Keep tacos standing while you boil the cheese


Use the waffle iron for eggs


Use Tic-Tac containers as spice storage units

Put your ice cream into a ziplock bag if you want to keep it soft


You are ready now.

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