16 DIY Fun And Stimulating Sensory Games

Babies and toddlers experience the world around them through play and their senses: touch, sight, smell, taste. To help your child’s development and love for learning must use those by creating various games that stimulate their senses. The bast way to stimulate those young brains is with fun sensory activities.

Why should you incorporate sensory play in your child’s life? Because it stimulates the brain and it has been proven that children engaged in sensory activities have a better grasp of the language, develop fine and gross motor skills faster and all-in-all teaches babies and toddlers how to use and utilize their senses.

The best part is that there are plenty of ways you can create your very own sensory games that will cost you only a trip to the pantry. Here are 16 sensory games to get you started.

1. Neon Edible Finger Paint


Tutorial via iheartartsncrafts.com

2. Tugging Box For Young Toddlers


Tutorial via laughingkidslearn.com

3. One Ingredient Edible Slime


Tutorial via blogmemom.com

4. Alphabet Slime


Tutorial via stillplayingschool.com

5. Sand Dough


Tutorial via makelifelovely.com

6. Slippery Fish


Tutorial via two-daloo.com

7. Rainbow Spaghetti


Tutorial via theimaginationtree.com

8. Safe Glowing Edible Mini Water Beads

Edible Glowing Water Beads

Tutorial via funathomewithkids.com

9. Cinnamon Scented Fall Coloured Rice


Tutorial via theconnectionweshare.com

10. Apple Scented Soap Foam

Fall sensory play - apple scented soap foam (3)

Tutorial via learnplayimagine.com

11. Easy Sensory Bags for Babies and Toddlers


Tutorial via mamaot.com

12. Tactile Matching Game


Tutorial via tutusandturtles.blogspot.com

13. Fun Sensory Bottles


Tutorial via themommytalks.com

14. Corn Sensory Bin


Tutorial via thewisebaby.com

15. Sensory Board For Babies And Toddlers

IMG_2607 (1) (1)

Tutorial via funathomewithkids.com

16. Rainbow Chickpeas


Tutorial via andnextcomesl.com

Try some of these fun games today and your kids will discover their senses while having loads of fun.

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