16 Cute And Easy Thanksgiving Nail Art Tutorials

Once the Thanksgiving menu is all done, you might have some time left to clean and dress up before the quests arrive, and if you can really afford to pamper yourself, you might want to do your nails as well. If so, here are some amazing and east tutorials for lovely Thanksgiving nails.

Autumn Leaves on Glitter


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Red, Yellow And Orange Mix


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Fall 3-Color Chevron Nails

summer to fall nails 4

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Turkey Tips


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5 Easy Ways To Make A Turkey


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Pilgrim Buckles


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Cherry Pie

cherry pie

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Quantum Leaf

quantum leaf

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Cute Abstract Turkey

thanksgiving turkey nails

Tutorial via

Festive Fall Nails


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Thanksgiving Color Explosion


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Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch

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Gradient Autumn Leaves


Tutorial via

Leaves With Black Tips


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Adorable Leaves On White


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Thanksgiving Turkey


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No beauty routine is ever complete without a proper manicure, even if it’s a simple one-color finish. Sometimes having a good mani is enough to make us feel beautiful and in control.So, for this Thanksgiving, when you find a few free minutes, treat yourself and your overworked hands with one of these fun and adorable Thanksgiving themed nail designs. After preparing all that delicious food, you deserve it.

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