16 Creative DIY’s Which Show Tomato Cages Have More Than One Use

Decorating your home is always a pleasure you want to repeat over and over again. But, when it comes to backyard or front yard we kind of ask our husbands to do the work.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m the one who is telling where should be placed, but my husband is the one who is doing the “dirty work”. If you are in the same scheme as me, you are probably calling your husband sweetheart, love, my dear, etc. when you need something to be relocated.

We have the power to do so.

Back to the main topic now. These DIY’s will make you see the tomato cages with different eyes. If you have a couple of these at your home, feel free to use them right now.

The idea of me sharing this with you came from the 10 tomato cages I have in the garage. The Internet is a beautiful place where you can find very useful things.

Like, how to use the rusty tomato cages for decor purposes.

1.Rustic Outdoor Chandelier

Rustic Outdoor Chandelier

Tutorial via blog.consumercrafts.com

2.  Three-Tiered Plant Stand

Three-Tiered Plant Stand

Tutorial via curbly.com

3. Burlap Christmas Tree

buralp christmas trree

Tutorial via dimplesandtangles.com

4. Bird Bath


Tutorial via mylifeabundant.com

5. Shabby Basket


Tutorial via thescentedcottage.blogspot.mk

6. Tomato Cage Tables

Tomato Cage Tables

Tutorial via domesticimperfection.com

7. Bottle Tree


Tutorial via houseofhawthornes.com

8. Woven Basket


Tutorial via hometalk.com

9. Compost Holders


Tutorial via bonnieplants.com

10. Large Pot Planter


Tutorial via 4men1lady.com

11.  Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game


Tutorial via designdazzle.com

12. Tomato Cage Christmas Tree


Tutorial via blog.homedepot.com

13. Halloween Ghost Witch

Halloween Ghost Witch

Tutorial via craftbits.com

14. Wire Patio Table


Tutorial via holtwoodhipster.blogspot.mk

15. DIY Lantern

DIY Lantern

Tutorial via green.thefuntimesguide.com

16. Poinsettia Entry Tree

entry tree

Tutorial via hallmarkchannel.com

There are some pretty amazing ideas here. I want to see what are your thoughts on this. Give me and the others ideas of what we could do with these tomato cages.

While you are there, don’t forget to share these DIY’s with all of your friends.

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