16 Amazing Uses For Eggshells That Will Absolutely Surprise You

Egg Shells Can Be Used As A Nourishing Face Mask

Egg Shells Can Be Used As A Nourishing Face Mask

Mix crushed egg shells with egg white for making a nourishing face mask.

Make Egg Shell Candles


Fill egg shells with bee-wax and place a wick inside it. Let it set for some time and use as a candle.

Use Egg Shells To Unclog Kitchen Drain

unclog kitchen drain

Keep a few ground egg shells in your kitchen sink strainer. The egg shells trap additional solids as they break down and the kitchen drain remains unclogged.

Remove Coffee And Tea Stains From Mugs


Grind egg shells, put them in the stained mug and pour warm water on it. Leave overnight and the egg shells will absorb the stains.

Whiten Laundry With Eggshells


This won’t replace bleach, but they’re an easy laundry boost that’s all natural and free. Don’t just throw the egg shells into the wash directly, though. Instead, put them in a muslin cheese cloth bag so that the shells don’t get everywhere inside the washing machine.

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