15 Photography Ideas For Capturing Your Pregnancy Progress

We grew up and now we know that the stork didn’t have anything to do with our coming to the family.

Now we know that mom went to the hospital and brought us to this world.

For 9 months we grew inside her tummy and under her heart.

We kicked her and kept her awake.

We were the reason she couldn’t do or eat whatever she wanted, but still, she loves us more than anyone in the world.

We are now grown and our little one is growing inside.

Now we start to understand the mother’s feelings, her fears, and her love.

Our body changes so fast that we can’t do the things we used to do with ease and we can’t sleep because the baby inside won’t sleep.

We can’t even enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine without being sick.

And if it’s so bad now, how is it going to be after the baby is born?

It doesn’t matter, we will love the baby anyway.

Here are 15 mommies who immortalized their body’s change in pregnancy so they can cherish that wonderful time forever.

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1. The Magic Trick Anyone Can Do

1it's magic

2. I’m The Big Brother

2jas sum pogolemiot brat

3. Comparing With A Fruit Or Vegetable

3kolku grama sum bil

4. Wear A Lovely Stretchy Dress For Every Shot

4mnogu mnogu rastegliv fustan

5. How Does A Mommy See The Tummy

5samo stomaceto

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