14 Minimalist DIY Nails You Would Want to Make ASAP!

How many of you enjoy decorating their nails?

Yes, my hand is raised high!

I just love that period of 15-20 minutes while I’m doing something new.

All those nail salons are amazing, but sometimes expensive.

This here is more enjoyable.

Everything is inside your mind. You are doing what you want.

How many times your nail artist did something with your nails you don’t like?

There is no going back.

Blame her all you want, but you have to wait a week or two for your next makeover.

It’s not recommended to do the same process all over again in a short period of time.

Your nails will suffer.

Now, why making things complicated?

Nail art doesn’t need to be complex. Minimalist style is amazing.

It’s fashionable. In fact, seems more chic.

You know what’s better?

The look on your friends’ faces when you tell them you did it by yourself.

This is a list of 14 DIY minimalist nails.

Feel free to share your design with us. I know we’ll love it.

Let’s dig in:

A Single Dot


Tutorial By Makeup

The Neon Trend


Tutorial By

Inspiration Monochrome


Tutorial By

A Subtle Line


Tutorial By Makeup

Subtle and Nude


Tutorial By

Subtle Polka Dots


Tutorial By The Polish Squirrel

Matte Black


Tutorial By Polish Art Addict

Gradient Nails


Tutorial By Chalk Board Nails

A Bit of Writing


Tutorial By The Polish Squirrel

Chevron Accent Nails


Tutorial By Polish Pedia

Fine Neon Line


Tutorial By Lackfein Blogspot

Tibi Nail Art


Tutorial By Honestly WTF

Sponged Manicure


Tutorial By Swatch Girl



Tutorial By In Love With Life

Happy with the tutorials?

It’s great when you are having your nails done together with your friends.

Share this with your friends and see who is interested.

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