15 Fitness Models Show How Easy it is to FAKE a Fit Body on Instagram

People usually use Instagram to show their progress, daily habits, happenings, and happy moments through pictures.

The stories are told, and I can see people going crazy about it.

My daughter regularly shows me fitness models and their impressive bodies. Lots of work and dedication is put in those bodies. I can give them credit for that.

However, do we believe in these models?

I do believe some of them because I had the opportunity to see them in person and follow them through their whole life.

If we talk about the new ones, I don’t know. Maybe I have some slight trust issues.

These problems are now even bigger after I saw these fitness models who “hacked” the game and show how easy it is to fake your fit body.

We often say that pictures lie. However, the new era made us believe in everything we see.

I don’t find that wrong because these photos are here to motivate us.

If these models look fit, eat healthy and balanced meals, and find a way to motivate the others, I’m giving them my respect.

What they do is amazing. The only wrong thing here is that they are not a part of the people’s lives. They are faking the progress, and that’s wrong.

You need to show the others how you look like and try to accomplish goals together. That’s the right approach.

Let’s take a look at this.

1. Anna Victoria

2. Jen Widerstrom

3. Emily Skye

4. Kayla Itsines

5. Maggie Fierro

6. Hailey Bettencourt

7. Jessica Pack

8. Tiffany Brien

9. @EllaFitness_

10. Jess King

11. Lauren Henshaw


12. Steph Claire Smith

13. Sophie Kay


14. Christine Cheesman

15. Iskra Lawrence

These models found the courage and “expose” themselves in front of their followers.

That’s nice. Now let’s achieve these goals together.

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