15 DIY’s To Turn Your Garden And Patio Into Your Personal Piece Of Heaven

Living in an apartment or a studio in big cities is convenient with its own cozy charm. However, when it comes to spring and summer a stuffy apartment can in no way compare to living in a house even if its one far away from downtown. The one thing that makes a house better than an apartment is the backyard and/or the patio.

Even if its the size of a postage stamp, a yard is a yard and if you have it, you know that that;s where you spend most of your time during the warmer months. Every satisfaction comes with a price, and having a beautiful yard can certainly demand a high price in the form of your time, effort and yes, even money. If you love working in your yard and improving it, but think you can’t afford it, then you need to look at this list of garden projects.

From refreshing your patio furniture to making your own water feature, here are 15 big and small DIY projects that can improve any yard. These are just few ideas you can take on yourself. If you’re considering a bigger renovation to your outdoor area or home in general, River Oaks roofing can provide you with more insight and inspiration.

Outdoor Patio Palette Furniture

patio furniture

Tutorial via sassy-sparrow.blogspot.com

Framed Flowers On Backyard Fence

Framed Flowers On Backyard Fence

Tutorial via fivepaintedlane.com

Patio Chair Cushions

Patio Chair Cushions

Tutorial via makeit-loveit.com

Square Beadboard Garden Planter

Square Beadboard Garden Planter

Tutorial via homeandawaywithlisa.com

Awesome DIY Outdoor Rug

Awesome DIY Outdoor Rug

Tutorial via designimprovised.com

Outdoor Pillow Covers

Outdoor Pillow Covers

Tutorial via somethingisdone.com

Stone Table

Stone Table

Tutorial via beautejadore.com

Fire Pit


Tutorial via theharpsterhome.wordpress.com

Maintaining A Garden Rock Border

Maintain A Garden Rock Border

Tutorial via onsuttonplace.com

Raised Garden Bed


Tutorial via sweet-athena.com

Garden Umbrella Upgrade


Tutorial via persialou.com

Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Tutorial via 17apart.com

Living Wall


Tutorial via thefeltedfox.blogspot.com

Garden Arch


Tutorial via familyhandyman.com

Water Feature


Tutorial via ohmy-creative.com

These will bring your yard one step closer to becoming your little piece of heaven on Earth without breaking the bank.

3 thoughts on “15 DIY’s To Turn Your Garden And Patio Into Your Personal Piece Of Heaven”

  1. Looking to redevelop our backyard and to make it more private. I have to admit a pond makes it look good too! I did check out the work involved and it is an inspiring consideration that saves you lots of money. In all, the pictures are awesome – I love the look of that Square Beadboard planter. It stands out so much and the wooden arch is quite a treat to have too!

    • Awesome Cindy. Would you take some pictures after you are done redeveloping the backyard and share them with all of us?

      I would love to see it!

      Or you can invite us all for a BBQ gathering. 🙂 🙂

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