15 Decorative Things To Make Or Improve With Macrame

My favorite topic. Decorating your home. I feel like someday I will find myself living in an empty home. My husband will relocate or sell everything I have in there.

I’m a decorating fanatic. What can I do? It’s what mothers do. We make stuff out of nothing.

Using all of the tricks and tips I find on the internet I’ve used almost all unusable and old stuff I have in the basement.

This time, I will give you few ideas how you can DIY simple decorative things using macrame. The ideas are pretty simple. You just need to follow the instructions, use your imagination, and you are all set and done.

Are you ready? Let’s go:

1. Macrame Rope Wallhanging



Tutorial via

2. Macramé Produce Bag

Macramé Produce Bag

Tutorial via

3. Macrame Sandals


Tutorial via

4. Macrame Cushion

diy macrame cushion 9

Tutorial via

5. Giant Macramé Rope Lights

Giant Macramé Rope Lights

Tutorial via

6. Macrame Bag Embellishment


Tutorial via

7. Mini Macrame Plant Holder


Tutorial via

8. Macrame Table Runner

Macrame Table Runner

Tutorial via

9. Macrame Gladiator Sandals


Tutorial via

10. Macrame Strap Bag


Tutorial via

11. Macrame Racerback From T-Shirts


Tutorial via

12. Macrame Curtain


Tutorial via

13. Macrame Pendant Necklace

Macrame Pendant Necklace

Tutorial via

14. Parachute Cord Macrame Necklace


Tutorial via

15. Macrame Hammock Chair


Tutorial via

Nice huh? I know.

Now, do the same thing I did. Share these ideas with your friends using the sharing buttons below.

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