15 Cookies And Candy Favors For The Sweetest 4th Of July Celebration

Most people like to spend their 4th of July celebrations outdoors, like on a picnic, to a place where they can enjoy the end of the day fireworks display.

And no picnic is complete withoout bringing something sweet.

When it comes to choosing what dessert to make for a picnic, it is always best to go with cookies or candies, rather than cakes or cupcakes. They are easily made, can survive the trip to the picnic area and their bite-size makes them just right for satisfying the sweet tooth after eating all that BBQ meat.

To go along with the patritic theme, you might want to put a little extra effort into turning your ordinary cookies into a 4th of July worthy sweets.

With these 15 recipes for making the best patriotic cookies or candy-filled party favors, your celebration will definately end on a memorable note.

Red, White And Blue Pop-star Cookie Pops

red, white and blue pop-star cookie pops

Recipe via thedecoratedcookie.com

Red, White and Blue Apples


Recipe via momlovesbaking.com

4th Of July Fireworks Lollipops


Tutorial via momtastic.com

Star-Spangled Gumdrops

Star-Spangled Gumdrops

Recipe via momontimeout.com

Candy Corn

Candy Corn Cookbook of the Month Recipe

Recipe via tasteandtellblog.com

Firecracker Toy Treat Favors


Tutorial via hooplapalooza.blogspot.com

Red, White and Blue Swirled Star Pops

Red, White and Blue Swirled Star Pops

Recipe via hungryhappenings.com

Candy Poppin’ Bottle Rockets

Candy poppin' bottle rockets

Recipe via sheknows.com

Patriotic Candy Favor Bag


Tutorial via evermine.com

Red, White and Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies

Red, White and Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies

Recipe via justataste.com

Candy Firecrackers

Candy Firecrackers

Tutorial via dreamalittlebigger.com

Exploding Star Cookie Stackers

Exploding Star Cookie Stackers

Recipe via tablespoon.com

Patriotic Cut-Out Sandwich Cookies

Recipe via tikkido.com

4th Of July Firecracker Favors


Recipe via triedandtrueblog.com

Stars & Stripes Cookies

Stars & Stripes Cookies

Recipe via lapechefraiche.com

The kids will go crazy for these, and the grown ups will love them too.

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