15 Briliant DIY’s To Make Use Of Those Lovely Vintage Tea Cups

The shape and colorful patterns of those cute little vintage china tea cups is something anyone can appreciate, yet not everyone would choose them for normal everyday use.

Whether you have a set leftover from your mother or grandmother, or you’ve gathered various porcelain tea cups from thrift stores, you are bound to have a set of them in your cupboards gathering dust. It is truly a shame for that craftsmanship to go to waste, so you should try finding some other use for that vintage chinaware.

With its delicate and cute appearance, those mismatched or damaged vintage tea cups can be re-purposed into various decorative and functional items around the house. Here are only 15 of the many DIY projects you can make your unused tea cups.

Tea Cup Flower Arrangements

teacup flower arrangements

Tutorial via valleyandcolifestyle.com

Vintage Plate Cake Stand

Vintage Plate Cake Stand

Tutorial via abeachcottage.com

Flower-Filled Floating Tea Cup


Tutorial via stranamasterov.ru

Jewelry Storage Solution


Tutorial via marcusdesigninc.com

Tea Cup Herb Planters

herb planters

Tutorial via intimateweddings.com

Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Tutorial via practical-stewardship.com

Tea Cup Planter Party Favors

party favors

Tutorial via curbly.com


DIY Toy Or Party Favor: Mouse In A Cup


Tutorial via funinthemaking.net

Old Tea Cups As Muffin Pan

Old Tea Cups As Muffin Pan

Tutorial via leavesandflours.blogspot.com

Tea Cup Wall Clock

tea cup clock

Tutorial via vintagerevivals.com


Teacup Chandelier

Teacup Chandelier

Tutorial via designdazzle.com

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Tea Cup Candle Sconce Bird Feeder

Tutorial via diyshowoff.com

Tea Cup Jewelry Stand Or Decorative Piece


Tutorial via elbrooklyntaco.com

Tea Cup Centerpiece

teacup centerpiece

Tutorial via celebrationsathomeblog.com

Tea Cup Candles


Tutorial via megperotti.com or diyinspired.com

Now that we gave you some ideas, find the best use for the tea cups you couldn’t make yourself throw away.

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