14 Spooky Pudding Cups For Your Halloween Kid’s Party

Halloween is coming so you’d better start preparing. If this year is your turn to host the Halloween party for the kids, add some variety to the snack bar with some sweet pudding cups. Don’t worry, these creepy looking pudding cups will have everyone tricked and the kids will love them.

Graveyard Pudding Cups


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Melting Witch Pudding Cups

melted withcRecipe via

Jello Eyeballs Pudding Cups

eyeball pudding cup

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Worms In Dirt Pudding Cups

dirt cups

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Pumpkins Under Full Moon Pudding Cups


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Monster Pudding Cups


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Boo-nana Chocolate Pudding Cups

banana pudding cups

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Spider Eggs Pudding Cups

spider egg

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Zombie Hand Pudding Cup

zombie hand pudding cups

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Bat Pudding Cups

bat pudding cups

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Spooky Oreo Eyeballs Pudding Cups


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Zombie Pudding Cups

zombie oreo

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Jack-O-Lantern’s Pudding Cups

pumpkin brains

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Ghost In Graveyard Pudding Cups


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There are many perks to having pudding cups at your kid’s Halloween party. They come in small neat dose determined packages, you can use plastic cups, so the clean up afterwards will be a cinch and making a large batch of them won’t cost you a fortune. Each of these delicious desserts are easy to prepare and you’ll have fun making them. In fact, get your kids in on the fun and you’ll be done in no time at all.

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