14 Brilliant Uses For Turkey Baster That Are Real Lifesavers

My kids were the main users of the Turkey Baster when they were little. Both of them were so focused on making the world a better place for living and tended to change everything with a simple drop of water.

They had their own garden and grew flowers and everything else watering it with the help of Turkey Baster.

They are bigger now and these Turkey Basters are somewhere in my basement sitting there waiting for someone to come and pick them up.

Maybe now is the time for them to get “employed” again. Only this time, it will be me using their ability to help me around the house.

There are 14 brilliant ways for using these helpers for different purposes:

1. Change Plant Water. Remove dirty water without disturbing your plants. Use a turkey baster to absorb the old water and replace with fresh water, whether your greens are in a vase or potted plant. This trick is especially handy for high-hanging plants.


2. Touch Up Paint Job. For small paint sprucing jobs, use a turkey baster to transfer a small amount of paint from the pail to a disposable cup. You’ll have the exact portion you need and avoid drips.


3. Degrease Meat. After cooking meat (say, ground beef), use a turkey baster to remove the extra grease at the bottom of the pan. Faster than ladling with a spoon, this trick lowers the likelihood of smearing grease spills.


4. Easily Change Fluid Break. If you do this job yourself, you know the first step is removing the old, dirty fluid from the master cylinder reservoir. Get it done quickly with an inexpensive turkey baster.


5. Entertain Kids. Turkey Basters can provide hours of endless fun for the kids if you now hot to use them. Here are just a few games you can show them perfect for every season: Water Play ActivitiesMaking Colored Snow BallsTurkey Baster Squeeze, Melting Ice With Salt And Color ExperimentsTurkey Baster Pom Race, Hummingbird Play-Pretend or simply do some turkey baster crafts.


6. Create Splatter Art. Fill turkey basters with paint for creative crafts with tots. Create colorful paper plates or cover blank frames with splats of paint. For an adult project, use a baster to transfer paint into a clear glass bottle. Roll the bottle until the paint is evenly distributed. Dry upside down. Use the painted bottles as bright vases.


7. Remove Yolk From Egg Effortlessly. To cleanly divide egg yolks from egg whites, unscrew the bulb of the turkey baster. Squeeze it to slurp the egg yolk away from the whites. Squeeze again to release into a separate bowl.

egg separator hack (4)

8. Wine Stopper Substitute. Can’t find a wine stopper? To preserve an open bottle of wine, drop the thin end of a turkey baster into the bottleneck.


9. Wind Yarn. Wining a ball of yarn can be a bit tiresome, but everything will go smoothly if you use a turkey baster to do it. See instructions.


10. Fill Muffin Tins Mess Free. To add an equal amount of batter to each muffin cup (without a mess!) swap a spoon for a turkey baster. Turkey basters also come in handy for drawing creative pancake shapes on the griddle.


11. Use Turkey Basters For Taking Shots At Party. Every once in a while, you might want to throw a wild party. Instead of worrying about having enough small glasses for taking shots or pouring the drinks, mix your beverage in a bucket or bowl and give your guests a turkey baster to take and give themselves as many shots as they like.


12. Create Pancake Art. Fill the turkey baster with your favorite pancake batter and use it to squeeze out cute shapes effortlessly, mess-free and with amazing precision.

Use a turkey baster to squeeze out cute shapes with pancake batter.1

13. Feed Fish And Clean Gunk. Use an extra turkey baster to directly feed pet fish that struggles to compete for their share of food. The tool is also handy for feeding invertebrates such as clams, corals, and anemones. You can also use the baster to remove small bugs that fall into the aquarium or unwanted algae.

Feed Reef Aquarium Fish

14. Inject Pastries. Load a baster with your favorite jelly, custard, or pudding mix. Inject into homemade pastries for delicious, gooey treats.


I hope you are satisfied with these amazing ways.

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