14 Best Haircuts for Boys

Are you looking for the best haircuts for boys? This is because not only the women who need to follow fashion. Men are also becoming more aware of their looks and hairstyles. However it is important for you to understand that you need to feel more comfortable than to look more attractive. Here are 14 best haircuts for men to try out.

1.    Pompadour Haircut

Among the most popular haircuts, Pompadour haircut is quite trendy right now. The hair is faded or clipped close on the sides and is usually kept voluminous and long on the top despite the nationality this slicked back look is quite a jazzy quaff hairstyle that suits all the men. You should go with the combed back pompadour if you need a quaff haircut that looks different and new. This hairstyle is highly recommended when you try to look at the men haircut that typically proves to add length to the faces like square and round.

2.    Combover Haircut

With added volume young men are trying to carry this haircut, not only to hide baldness but also for this awesome quiff. If your hair is thick enough, you can wear a comb-over loose or you can also change it into a combed back haircut. It will look perfect for both the straight and curly hair. This comb over hairstyle has the feature of allowing you to show off cool faded sides as well as styling up the top. Without being a huge hassle, men hairstyle can also be amazingly unique.

3.    Hairstyles and Haircuts with Bangs

In order to add a cute element to your hairstyle, bangs are the one that softens any face type. A hairstyle with fringe is always in style, whether you prefer your bangs loyal or spiky to your flat hair. If you don’t have any idea in choosing among the three fringes that are messy fringe, classic fringe or straight fringe, you should ask your barber to suggest the fringe with your face type. This is a hairstyle that is really fun to wear and is versatile, from trimming bangs into a unique position to shaving an undercut.

4.    Crew Cut

This is a haircut that can be styled in several ways. For an easy takeaway style, hair can be spiked and coifed or can remain long on the top and fade into the connected facial hair. In order to clip this timeless male cut, your barber will use both scissors and a razor. You must go for a crew cut with a slightly longer top if you tend to have a rounded face shape. This will frame your face shape and will make it able to look slimmer.

5.    Caesar Haircut

A lot of people assured that the Caesar haircut can reach far beyond the ancient rulers and mediocre comedies if your first impression of this hairstyle involves Jim Carrey in a particular film. The short bangs bring balance to the faces of the boys who have the broad forehead and long faces. A perceived facial flaw can be amazingly concealed with the longer strands left on the top if you go with the trendy low Caesar cut. The persons who are experiencing the premature balding should try the Caesar cuts as it detracts attention away from any sparse patches by bringing the hair forward. If you want something sleek and simple, then a short Caesar Cut is the best option.

6.    Taper Cut

A classic taper cut includes a section of thick hair on the top that descends in length on both the sides of the head and also to the back of a head. You must know the importance of keeping the haircut maintained by using the regular shampoos and any hair product if you’ve ever combed tapered hairstyles. If you don’t comb your hair regularly, then your tapered masterpiece will leave your hair wild. Due to its versatility, this is one of the most requested hairstyles for men.

7.    Induction Cut
In order to choose from the young boys’ hair, there’s a huge variation with a plenty of looks. Whether or not boys plan to enlist this haircut, this induction cut is quite popular. Many young boys prefer the military cut as it is one of the shortest half-shaved haircuts because of its ease of maintenance and the no-nonsense look. This haircut suits every hair type and face shape. In order to bring your induction cut to perfection, your barber will use a razor.

8.    Burr Cut

The Burr Cut is clipped with the blade size N01 that is the longer variation of the induction cut. This haircut tends to one of the most popular haircuts with African American men and Latino, as it can be worn on any ethnicity. This style can be varied largely with different styles. Some people will prefer a simple clean cut all over the head while other just opts for designs carved into the side. This amazing cool burr is quite discreet as it doesn’t attention from your personality and your facial features.

9.    Buzz cut

In young men haircuts, this buzz cut is always one of the most popular choices that are classically youthful style cut with electric clippers. A buzz haircut is a great way to maintain short hair, without going dramatically close to the scalp all over the head, with its low maintenance upkeep. In order to provide enough room on the back or the sides of the head, many of the today’s buzz cuts leave hair thicker in the specific sections. If you’re a sports player, then a buzz cut is best for you as it is a great compromise in the haircut styles world. This haircut also offers you convenience without losing at style and fashion.

10.    Ivy League Haircut

There are chances that every boy must have experienced this Ivy League Haircut in at least one growing up school picture, as this is the most clean-cut and sweet style for boys. Among the today’s available haircuts, the Ivy League haircut is truly one of the most polished vintage cuts with a side-parted top and slicked down. In order to make hair look formal without being too fussy, the barber will cut hair with the scissors including a gradual taper.

11.    Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts include the lower half of the hair shaved while the top hair is kept longer but trimmed and shaped. You can also prefer to choose the classic taper fade haircut that is slightly longer in length than a regular fade, or you can clip the whole head in a high fade haircut that decreases down with the exception of a signature piece as in Mohawk. Tell your barber ahead of time, if you wish to have long hair on the top. Break the mold by getting a fade on the sides only, if you’re looking for a more casual look.

12.    High and Tight

Most of the military boys and the sportsmen use to have the high and tight haircut that is very short and straight forward. You leave some shortly trimmed hair on the top while the back and the sides of a head will be shaved completely for a high and tight recon. This haircut though short can give a completely different and unique look to those who have curly hair.

13.    Men’s Undercut

Undercut features a sharp contrast in length both short and long, unlike taper and fade haircuts with the gradual decrease of length. When you go for an undercut haircut, it’s almost like a two in one look. The young boys who prefer a trendy look with long top and shaved underside should try this disconnected undercut that is quite popular these days. Some of the people can also appreciate the sharp line of an undercut who want to add an extra edge to their styles. If you wish to try something different, you can also add bangs or have textured hair in the final look. The curly undercuts also look trendy and attractive.

14.    Mohawk Haircut

This is the ancient haircut of 1980’s but the today’s Mohawk is more versatile and modern than the old one. This haircut is popular because of its signature hair strip in the middle that can either be thin or thick as you want. Also, you can add various lengths into the final look of your hairstyle. A faux hawk can either be done by trimming some longer hair on the top that can go into the hawk position by applying some holding gel or by clipping the sides of the head. A fade Mohawk often features medium-length spiked hair while a classic Mohawk will leave hair longer on the top. This haircut is quite popular for men and boys all around the world.

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