14 Beautiful Hairstyles You Can Finish in 3 Minutes

These beautiful hairstyles are perfect for those who are always in a hurry. Do you know someone like that?

If you are late for work or some special occasion, these impressive moves will allow you to achieve that perfect look in no time.

Skeptics will say that three minutes is short for a complete hair makeover, but let’s try them first.

The reason why I decided to share this with you today is that for the first time in my life I was late for work. My kid was burning through the night, and I couldn’t sleep well.

He is better now, so that’s out of my mind.

I didn’t have time to do my hair, so I just went in there looking like a zombie.

That’s when one of my colleagues said to join her in the bathroom, and she did something unbelievable very quick.

She said her sister is a hairdresser and learned these tricks from her.

For the record, I’m not spending more than five minutes on my hair ever again.

These tricks and tips will allow me to do that the next time I’m in a hurry somewhere.

Try these out:

1. Using a hairpin

2. Doing curls

3. Using a thin hairband

4. For a loose ponytail

5. Using a broad hairband

6. A French twist

7. Bun and braid combo

8. A low ponytail with flower

9. A loose knot


10. An alternative bun with braid

11. Around-the-head braid

12. Side ponytail

13. An alternative bun

14. For a low, horizontal braid

Pure awesomeness. I showed this to my daughter. She said that for the next two weeks she is going to show up at school with 14 different beautiful hairstyles.

Kids these days.

The best thing about is that these tricks save you time and effort going forward.

You can even do your moderation. These are the basic moves, but if you have something up in your sleeve feel free to use it.

Plus, you can show us what you did later on.

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