14 Amazing Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Will Save You Lots of Time

Even the simplest thing you are doing in your kitchen can take a lot of your time.

These pretty easy tricks we are going to show you today are completely opposite of what you’ve been used to so far.

You’ve been handling things totally wrong. These hacks will get you through even the most boring and difficult tasks.

Mastering these kitchen or food hacks will help you complete every meal with extreme easiness.

You didn’t know that you could be the master in your own kitchen just by knowing few simple tricks.

Here we go:

Apple slicer for quick and easy way of slicing potatoes


If you put a wooden spoon across the boiling pot of water it won’t boil over


Make the perfect scrambled eggs in your microwave


Place larger marshmallow on every cupcake just 5 minutes before they finish baking. Get the magical taste!


No pizza stone at your house? – This trick will bake you the perfect pizza


If you don’t have a rolling pin you must have wine bottle. Use it!


Milk and Oreo cubes for the best Ice-Coffee flavor


The perfect hard-boiled eggs are made like this. Bake 30 minutes at 325F


Use balloon for making perfect chocolate bowl for dessert


Small indent on the burgers before bbqing them will help them cook evenly


Use the microwave for nice, delicious and crispy bacon


Cook 2 frozen pizzas at once by slicing them on half


Use wine glass to cut the perfect biscuits


Use pizza cutter for chopping up the omelette ingredients in no time

Cook lasagna in your dishwasher. No, you are not wrong. We said dishwasher


You are going to thank us later.

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