See How to Have Fun Time With Your Kids Doing These 20 Creative Crafts

Your kids are your wealth.

Doing something that will keep the fun time on a high level is crucial.

At least while they are in middle school.

It’s tough for you to keep them entertained during the high school period.

When they get into their teenage days, this won’t be fun anymore.

I didn’t want to disappoint you. You can still entertain a teenager. As long as there is money involved.

I’m kidding of course.

We will leave the entertainment for teenagers for some other post.

Now, let’s focus on how to have fun in your family.

How often do you use craft ideas to have fun?

Oh my god really? You should do something about it!

The school year started and your kids will be more present at your home.

After they do their homework, they will get bored.

Make them leave their boring smartphones and tablets for something like this.

I know they will love it.

Balloon Rocket


Tutorial via Discover Explore Learn

Painted Rocks


Tutorial via I Sassi Delladriatico

iSpy Bottle


Tutorial via Meet the Dubiens

Balloon Bowels


Tutorial via DIY Ready

Finger Knitting


Tutorial via dharmaflyer

Soap Clouds


Tutorial via Our best Bites

Marble Maze


Tutorial via Therapy Fun Zone

Sandpaper Printed T-Shirts


Tutorial via Alpha mom

DIY Fairy Garden


Tutorial via Musings

Marshmallow catapult


Tutorial via Devin Collier

Marshmallow Shooter


Tutorial via Come Together Kids

Ribbon Bookmark for Kids


Tutorial via Busy Beehives

Lava Lamps


Tutorial via S.L. Smith

Canvas Tape Painting


Tutorial via Robin Egg View

Bead Suncatchers


Tutorial via Artful Parent

Balloon Tennis


Tutorial via Vanessa’s Values

Perler Bead Bowls


Tutorial via The Daily Party Dish

Magazine Art


Tutorial via The DADA

Painting on Wet Glue


Tutorial via Housing a Forest

Now, get your kids and let’s do some fun stuff around your house.

They will love it.

Don’t worry. There are more ideas. You just need to use your imagination.

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