13 Ways To Make Your Backyard Look Great

We’re always looking for ways to make our house feel like home. We try to make sure that the walls are the exact shade of the color we want, that the art on the walls matches our curtains, and that the sofa is the second most comfortable place to spend our days with our mattresses placing first. We give so much effort into perfecting every single aspect of our house. But when it comes to our backyard, more often than not, we just feel lost!

Picking the right ways to make your backyard look great might feel overwhelming, but with the right planning (and some good tips) you’ll know exactly what you need to do! If you’ve been feeling lost as to how to makeover your yard, here are 13 ways to get you started.

1. Think About Sustainability

A good backyard makeover starts with a solid plan. You might have a lot of great ideas that you want to try out, but if you don’t have everything planned out in advance, you might end up with a lot of fancy stuff that doesn’t fit together. Even worse, you might realize, a little too late, that this isn’t what you’ve really wanted. 

In your plan, you want to consider the condition of your yard in the long run. How much maintenance will you need to do? How sustainable are the components of your new yard? For instance, instead of choosing natural grass that will be overwhelmed with weed and god-knows-what, choosing Artificial Grass can prove to be much more sustainable for your yard. Artificial grass is great because not only is it sustainable, environmentally-friendly, durable, and extremely easy to maintain, it gives your yard the shades of green that make it homey and inviting. 

2. Set Up an Entertainment Zone

There’s no place like your yard to have the fun of your life, so make sure you provide a place for your whole family to gather and be entertained! The entertainment zone will also come to your aid in your parties and big nights. 

If you’re looking to set an entertainment zone for your kids, you might want to build a treehouse or a fairy garden. You can add a trampoline, or even bury it, so it’s leveled with the surrounding ground. You can add in a car racing track, a pool, a billiard table, and any other activity-areas you desire. We know that you’ll definitely be tempted to reminiscence your inner child too! 

There are millions of ideas to set up an entertainment area, but the most important thing to keep in mind is who’ll be using it? You also want to make sure it fits with the surroundings well. 

3. Don’t Forget a Relaxation Area

Setting a relaxation area is just as important as making an entertainment zone in your yard, if not even more important. After all, if you want your yard to be your safe haven, you need to prepare it well. 

Your relaxation area should serve you well at any given time of the day, so there are a few things to keep in mind. You should take good care in setting up the right seating, lights (for nighttime relaxation), and the surrounding area. 

For your seating, you can create a cozy space with some hanging chairs, swings, or a cozy bench that’s surrounded with warm lighting. You can build a pergola or create an outdoor kitchen with a cozy dining spot. You can even create your own tiny oasis where you can take a bubble bath in the heart of your garden!

4. Plant Your Own Vegetables

Planting your own vegetables won’t only make your yard look great with all of the colors, but will give you a great opportunity to cook using your very own handmade ingredients. You’ll have the chance to pick the right ways to grow organic plants, and you’ll know exactly what’s getting into your body.

Your homemade farm can be in a designated area, and you can get as creative as you want with the way you design your veggies in the ground to give the final aesthetic view. Planting your crop in raised boxes can help you with the aesthetic design. If you want a more stable approach to plant your crops all year round, you might want to build a greenhouse. 

5. Choose from the Latest Trends

You might feel content with adding a pool or a barbeque area, but you’re definitely missing out if you don’t look up all of the latest trends in designing backyards. Have you thought of the possibility of adding a waterfall into your beautiful garden? Not only will a waterfall in your garden be breath-taking sight, but the sound of the water falling will also be a great aid in de-stressing and relaxing after a long day at work. 

In addition to the waterfalls, many landscape owners opt for designs that include rocks featuring their yards. This new trend is great for many reasons, the two most important of which are the great aesthetic taste and the low maintenance it needs. Rocks can be arranged in many patterns, they can even be designed to make a stairway in a hillside garden. As environmental awareness keeps on improving, other landscape trends now include decorative mulching and retaining walls.

6. Create Multi-Use Space

Whoever said that you can only design your yard for one purpose? What if you want an entertaining area, a resting zone, and somewhere to party? Your yard doesn’t have to acres in area to fit everything you’re dreaming of. In fact, making the best use of the area you have is one of the most important aspects of your plan. 

If your yard isn’t clearly divided into areas, it doesn’t mean you can’t create more than one area. This is where creating a multi-use space comes to solve your problems. A good example of a multi-use space is to create a playfield for the kids using artificial grass in the corner of your yard, surrounded by a bricked patio area for the parent’s relaxation while watching their kids. The patio can be decorated with wall plants engulfing a nice outdoor dining area, bean bags, or even a cozy seating with a fireplace.

7. Build Architectural Centerpieces

Remember how adding a waterfall can be a great addition to your yard? You can get even more creative. Imagine creating a fountain in the middle of your yard, something that acts as a central piece of art that draws the attention and takes everyone’s breath away. 

The idea of creating a centerpiece is well-known to all interior and exterior designers. It always acts as the main focus, which draws the eye, and around which everything is designed to fit into place. So if your main goal of designing your garden is to create your own safe haven, a central fountain encompassed with comfortable seating, dim lighting, and decorative plants might be just what you’re looking for.

8. Design Your Backyard to a Certain Era

If you want to completely makeover your yard, you might want to consider designing it to take you into a different country – or a different era altogether. Back in the years, Islamic civilization has been infamous for its architectural designs and buildings. The Pharaohs were known for their statues and the Roman Empire for its characteristic arches and columns. You can also design your yard to a mix between more than one era, like creating a midcentury landscape that takes you back into the 1959’s with an elegant taste of modernity. With this design, your main focus will be to turn your yard into an extension of your house, creating an outdoor living area. Despite its old origin, it’s still one of the most popular, practical, and elegant yard designs.

9. Make Your Porch an Outdoor Living Area

You can alter the whole design to a midcentury modern yard, or you can take a leaf out of its book and make your porch an extension to your living room. An outdoor porch can serve as an outdoor kitchen with a dining area, or a relaxing spot for a quiet reading session, meditation, or having an early breakfast and coffee on the swings. Your patio can be bricked, but if you want a more natural touch to your porch you can go for wooden decks. Wooden decks can be designed around any existing trees to help you preserve the natural life in your garden while letting you enjoy the greens. 

There’s no limit to how much you can transform your porch into a living outdoor area. You can even make good use of the extra space in creating shelves for extra storage space, or use it to add some aesthetic decoration with candles and pots. Adding a fireplace will also be a nice and comfortable touch. 

10. Choose Your Colors

Depending on the elements you add to your yard, it can have a lot of colors. If you don’t plan it right in advance, you might end up with way too many colors that don’t go together or boring colors that don’t accent the beauty of your yard. 

To start with, take into account the architecture of your home, it’s outside view and colors, and the existing main features of your yard elements. For instance, if you have a patio surrounded by greens, you might want to go for neutral colors for your patio. Not only will it give your yard a spacious feeling, but it’ll also add a relaxing atmosphere. You can add just the exact amount of vibrant or deep colors you want in cushions and throws. Different plants and flowers will add different shades of colors too, but always keep in mind how they’ll look in the different seasons too. 

11. Make Good Use of Your Space

Having a small yard is no excuse to give up on your dreams, it just needs some extra smart plan to make the most out of the limited area. You can do that through creating a multi-purpose area. So if your garden has some hardscape, you can utilize it by adding seating into it. Your kids’ entertainment area can be set to be portable. If you want to do your own planting, you can use portable containers instead of in-ground grown veggies. Make sure to use vertical space as well to hang your plants, and try to add in storage space whenever you can!

12. Get Your Privacy

There’s nothing more annoying than being unable to enjoy the privacy of your garden due to nosy neighbors or passing onlookers. But if your garden is exposed, you can consider that a blessing in disguise: now you can become creative and chic in getting your privacy. You can do that by creating a vertical wall of vibrant-colored plants, or go full DIY and recycle your old wine bottles into the wall. You can make good use of drapes and curtains to cover your patio or create a bamboo fence from strips. 

13. Install Lights

To accent the beauty of your yard at night, good care should be given to your lighting. You can maximize the effects of the lights by not only installing hanging lights, but even more importantly, focusing on lighting your ground. Light ropes are both great and give a sophisticated modern layout to your garden, as they extend along the walkways. They also cut down the need for maintenance and hassle proposed by installing multiple lights. But if you’re looking for ways to remove all of the hassles, you might want to choose solar lighting for your yard. Not only are they self-sufficient and extremely easy to install, but you’ll also cut down on your electricity bill like nothing else. 

There are billions of ideas to help you with a backyard makeover, but it all comes down to deciding on what you want to achieve. If you add random elements, you won’t be satisfied unless you’ve planned in advance on how to put them all together nicely. No matter what you choose in the end, make sure it’s easy to maintain, the colors go well together, they serve your purpose, and they accentuate the beauty and make the best use of your yard as possible. 

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