13 Incredibly Useful Ways You Can Repurpose The Old Worn-Out Car Tire

There is at least one old car tire in every home. It is probably stacked away in the garage taking up unnecessary space or still in the trunk of your car, and you haven’t even realized that the tire hides a huge makeover potential.

Round furniture is very popular, round tables, round chairs or perhaps an ottoman, yet getting one might not be in your budget just now. This is when your old tire comes in pretty handy.

Whether you need a new furniture, some interesting new planters or your kids are asking for some new outdoor toys, the car tire can become all of them. With just a few simple modifications and a bit of your time, that old tire you were planing to throw away can be transformed into something amazing.

Take a look at these car tire transformations and the tutorials on how to make them yourself.

Recycled Tire Turned Gorgeous Planter

Recycled Tire Turned Gorgeous Planter

Tutorial via hometalk.com

Old Fashioned Tire Swing


Tutorial via livedan330.com

Old Tire Chair

Old Tire Chair

Tutorial via archieli.com

Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire

Tutorial via practicallyfunctional.com

Old Tire Kids Hammock

Old Tire Kids Hamock

Tutorial via shareable.net

Tire Porch Table

Tire Porch Table

Tutorial via madcapfrenzy.blogspot.com

Playful Tire Planters

Playful Tire Planters

Tutorial via wonderfuldiy.com

Rocking Toy

Rocking Toy

Tutorial via accordingtoboyle.wordpress.com

Tire Table


Tutorial via whiletheysnooze.blogspot.com

Hanging Tire Planter

Hanging Planter

Tutorial via diyshowoff.com

Old Tire Sandbox


Tutorial via iheartnaptime.net

Garden Stool + 2 Garden Projects


Tutorial via diy-enthusiasts.com

From Tired Tire To Awesome Ottoman

From Tired Tire To Awesome Ottoman

Tutorial via thatwasawhat.blogspot.com

Now, aren’t you glad you didn’t throw away that old car tire?

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