12 Tips To Dye Your Easter Eggs Using Natural Products From Your Pantry

There are many egg dyes available on the market. Different brands with every possible color shade, and not all of them will give the result you were hoping for. In the end, they are all artificial.

Keeping our family safe takes the highest priority, so we do as much as we can to minimize the exposure to artificial products. It is a daunting task, but every little thing counts, especially when it comes to food.

But how to dye your Easter eggs without a store-bought dye? Easy, with products ou already have in your pantry.  There are many foods and spices that can do the job just as well as any artificial dye and they are a hundred times safer to use.

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to dye your eggs the natural way.

For More Vibrant Colors Always Add White Vinegar


Tutorial via kirstenrickert.com

Use Onion Shells For Reddish Shades

Onion Shells For Redish Shades

Tutorial via carpe-diem-anamb.blogspot.com

Grated Beets For Darker Reds


Tutorial via pantryspa.com

Purple Cabbage For Green And Blue

Purple Cabage For Green And Blue

Tutorial via macted.ro

Use Tea For Different Colors

Use Tea For Yellow And Other Color Shades

Tutorial via diy-enthusiasts.com

Coffee For Lovely Brownish Shades


Tutorial via revolutionfromhome.com

Blueberry Cranberry Juice For Dark Purple


Tutorial via justshortofcrazy.com

Spinach For A Soft Green Shade

Spinach For A Soft Green Shade

Tutorial via greenthumbwhiteapron.com

Turmeric For Bright Yellow


Tutorial via joyfoodly.com

Faint Green-Yellow From Apple Skins And Other Tips

Faint Green-Yellow

Tutorial via bhg.com

Rainbow Of Food Colors

The Whole Rainow Of Colors

Tutorial via radmegan.com

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Natural Egg Dye


Tutorial via blog.doortodoororganics.com

One last tip: To make the finished eggs truly shine, take some cotton pads or paper towels, dip it in cooking oil and gently wipe the eggs with it (preferably while they’re still warm). The oil will make the color really pop up and last longer.

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