12 Tips And DIY’s To Ease Your Baby’s Teething

Newborn babies are a miracle and a gift to every parent, but the first months of their lives then can make the parent’s life a living hell. From endless crying to the sleepless nights, every parent goes trough the adjusting period that is the new life of the baby And just when things calm down and the baby is more at ease and smiling, then the teeth kick in.

Teething is truly a painful experience for a baby and you must do all in your power to help your baby go trough this as easily and as painless as possible. There are may things you can try, but here we have some of the best and most effective recipes and DIY tutorials.

Get to see that amazing bunny smile of your little angel without shedding a lot of tears.

1. Know What To Expect


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2. Vanilla Biscotti Teething Biscuits

vanilla biscotti teething biscuits for the little one

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3.Teething Biscuits With Banana

Teething Biscuits With Banana

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4. Teething Baby Popsicles

Teething Baby Popsicles

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5. Easy DIY Crib Teething Guard

Easy DIY Crib Teething Guard

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6. DIY Teething Necklace

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7. Plush Bunny Teething Ring (Free Crochet Pattern!)

Plush Bunny Teething Ring (Free Crochet Pattern

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8. Allspice Teething Necklace

Allspice Teething Necklace

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9. Teething Crochet Flower Necklace

crochet teething neclace

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10. Teething Blend for Babies

teething blend

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11. Teething Gel Recipe


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12. Homemade Teething Oil

Homemade Teething Oil

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13. Natural Teething Remedies


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We hope that these tips will make your baby’s teething process a lot more comfortable.

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