11 Killer Hacks to Find Best Selling Products

Imagine making the best sells ever, obtaining the audience attention with more frequent clients calling for your services. This is exactly what happens in selling stores like Shopify amazon and so on.

The big question is how do they do it? How do they manage to have access to modern trends in technology and other products? Being able to satisfy its customers from different calibers.

Are looking for their tips and hacks to kick off your quest as an online store owner? Then look no further. Here are the most prolific killer hacks to keep your traffic storming at all times.

Let’s get started

11 Killer Hacks to find Best Selling Products

1.Products on Amazon

Amazon is a worldwide store known to provide a variety of products. It is also the best place to kick off the research. All you have to do is enter the Amazon website and click on Amazon best sellers. This will provide you with a list of the trending products on the store.

However, Amazon can be a bit costly option to consider for your Shopify store. It would be advisable to consider taking products that are relatively cheaper to profit from dropshipping.

2. AliExpress

Talk about the best place to take your research.AliExpress is among the toprated websites that will do your drop shipping some justice.

Considering different times of the year, there are products that go fast during certain holidays and other products that do well in other markets.

Under the hot seller’s section, you will have access to AliExpress’s most popular products. Most of the products in these categories range between $1 to $50 and are usually lightweight.

Also from AliExpress you also have the best selling lists. Visit ( to have access to the tops sells.

Using this method requires manual research on the products you intend to sell. For instance, if you are looking for the latest trend in iPhones, ensure you go for the best ratings.

it may be time-consuming but the results are overwhelming.

3. FInding the best Product on Facebook

People often share their experience with different products on social media. This makes Facebook one of the suitable places you can get the best trending products in the market. But how do you do it?

1. Log into your Facebook account and search for the product’s name

2. Check the most viewed videos and view it.

3. If the product you searched has over 7k view and over 40k comments. Then this is the best products to consider.

4. You can also check images and photos with most likes and comments.

Ensure you read through some comments to check if the product is positively rated.

4. Using Ahrefs

If you are an SEO expert then you have come across Aherfs. This is one of the SEO tools that helps you find content ideas and prefects keywords.

1. First, go to Ahref and search for the keyword(product).

2. Then Click view all, this should open all the related products

3. Choosing -Volume of above 1k, a clickability of 50 %, Target region (where you intend to sell), Keyword difficulty below 10.

4. Look for products on google trends

5. look for areas where the product is on high demand.

5.Using Shopify apps

Using the Shopify app is another bright method you can use to get the best products for your store. This involves checking through other successful stores, identifying the products that are doing well from these stores.

Ensure to select a product that has over 1k positive customer reviews to be safe.


MYIP.MS allows its users to have access to all the websites hosted by the Shopify platform. From the data provided, you can be sure which products are best for the market. With over 30,000 stores ranked from the best all the way down you can end up making thousands of dollars from the products.

Its all about how much effort you are willing to give in for positive results.

7. The

If you are into social media, then the buzzsumo platform is the best to complete your quest. It allows you to analyze the performance of a product all through Facebook, Twitter not to forget Pinterest.

All one has to do is type in the name of the product, the platform automatically provides you with the statistical data of the product. One the product has popped up, you will have the performance of the product on the products stated in numbers.


Pinterest is the mother of all high-class posts, all the way from the simple homemade products to the high-end ornaments. it is also a great source of the best selling products.

All you have to do is look at the top pins based on the products you intend to sell. The top pins represent the tend in the products.


When searching for your products on Google, you will notice you are given clue to the products you are about to search for. IF you are selling products on Shopify you can use this hack.

1. Go to and type in the name of the product you are looking for.

2. The results will show over 30,000 sites available

3. Go to the toprated website and check the products on demand.

10. eBay

FInding the best selling products on eBay calls for the most reliable methods. So far the use of Watch count .com has proven to yield outstanding results.

Watch count allows individuals to search for different keywords helping one know how the products are performing on eBay.

1. Visit

2. Click most watched 2.0

3.Select the country and search the product

Using this platform helps in identifying which products are suitable for your store.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that will aid in your research.

Instagram uses hashtags. Using hashtags and the products name you can determine the popularity and demand of the product from the number of likes and comments.

Make the best out of the platforms at your disposal and you will never regrate it. All it takes is a little effort in making the best sells, but the results are extremely remarkable.

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