11 Kids From Around The World With Their Typical Breakfast Meals

Milk and cereals, eggs and bacon or pancakes are the most common breakfast meals in the US we prepare for our kids. But how good or healthy breakfast do our kids have in comparison with the kids from around the world. Let’s see what a typical breakfast looks like for 11 kids around the world.

Doga Gunce Gursoy, A 8-Year-Old From Istanbul


Toasted bread with honey and “clotted cream” or kaymak, green and black olives, fried eggs with spicy sausage, hard boiled eggs, lots of fresh veggies like tomatoes and radishes, an assortment of sheep-, goat- and cow-milk cheeses; quince and blackberry jams; pastries and bread, rich hazlenut dessert called “halvah,” and a glass of OJ and milk


Phillip and Shellen Kamtengo, 4-Year-Old Twins From Maldawi


Sweet, cornbread-like cake called chikondamoyo, boiled potatoes and black tea with one or two spoons of sugar.


Saki Suzuki, A 2 ¾-Year-Old From Tokyo


A bow of fermented soybeans called natto, miso soup, white rice, a rolled omelette called tomagoyaki, grilled salmon, and pickled cucumber.

Saki Suzuki, 2 ¾ years old, Tokyo

Viv Bourdrez, A 5-Year-Old From Amsterdam


Glass of milk, bread with unsalted butter and sweet sprinkles that come in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to fruit and in shavings from different sizes.


Emily Kathumba, A 7-Year-Old From Chitedze, Malawi


Cornmeal porridge called phala with soy and groundnut flour, deep-fried cornmeal fritters with onions, garlic and chilies, along with boiled sweet potato and pumpkin and fro beverage a dark red juice made from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar.


Tiago Bueno Young, A 3-Year-Old from Sao Paulo, Brazil


Chocolate milk, cornflakes, banana cake and a sweet white bread popular with Brazilian children called bisnaguinha, and served with a mild cream cheese called requeijão.

Tiago Bueno Young, 3 years old, São Paulo, Braz

Birta Gudrun Brynjarsdottir, A 3 ½-Year-Old From Reykjavik, Iceland


Oatmeal porridge called hafragrautur served with brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, fruit orsurmjolk (sour milk); and lysi (cod-liver oil).

Birta Gudrun Brynjarsdottir, 3 ½ years old, Reykjavik, Icelan

Aricia Domenica Ferreira And Hakim Jorge Ferreira Gomes,A 4-Year-Old And A 2-Year-Old From São Paulo, Brazil


Smallamount of coffee, ham and cheese, and pao com manteiga  (bread with butter).


Oyku Ozarslan, A 9-Year-Old From Istanbul


Brown bread, green and black olives, Nutella spread, sliced tomato, hard-boiled egg, strawberry jam, butter soaked in honey and an assortment of Turkish cheeses: among them, a crumbly, feta-like cheese called ezine peyniri; an aged, cow’s milk cheese and tulum peyniri, a variety of cheese made of goat’s milk that was traditionally aged in a goatskin casing.


Koki Hayashi, A 4-Year-Old From Tokyo


Green peppers stir-fried with tiny dried fish, soy sauce and sesame seeds; raw egg mixed with soy sauce and poured over hot rice; a dish of lotus and burdock roots and carrots sautéed with sesame-seed oil, soy sauce and a sweet rice wine called mirin; miso soup; grapes, sliced Asian pear and milk.


Nathanaël Witschi Picard,A 6-Year-Old From Paris


One kiwi, sliced baguette with butter and blackberry jam, cereal with milk and freshly squeezed OJ.

Saki Suzuki, 2 ¾ years old, Tokyo

Coffee is what gives us boost in the morning and sugary cereal does the same for our kids. We want them to have a filling healthy breakfast that will last them until lunch and we prepare them meals that our parents prepared for us, which most commonly is bland and sweet. But, just as each country has its cuisine, so is the preference for breakfast. So, we pose the question, which country does it right? We might never come to an agreement on that one, but at least we can compare notes and choose what is best suited for our kids. So, see what breakfast looks like in other parts of the world and for more detailed description, make sure to visit the original story in New York Times Magazine.

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