10 Ways To Live More Holistically

Holistic wellness isn’t simply following a diet for weight loss results. It’s paying attention to numerous facets in your life that need your care. This means working to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Integrating all of these factors and finding ways to improve them is the main goal of holistic health. Incorporate these elements into your daily life to get healthy in a holistic way.

1. Regular Exercise


Physical activity is critical to feeling good, and looking better is just a bonus of exercise. Any kind of physical activity is encouraged because it benefits your body and mind in numerous ways. Moderate activity does wonders for the human body. It’s reported that physical activity is a powerful tool against things like anxiety, depression, and overall mood. Try working in a strength-building routine, going for walks, or riding a bike. No matter the choice, it’s an incredible first step for your overall health.

2. Foster Relationships


Another part of holistic wellness is ensuring your mental health. This means caring for your relationships to foster a sense of community. As humans, it’s natural to want to belong to a group of people who see you for who you are. If you already have friendships or family members, spend more time with them. Put in the effort to do activities together and spend time opening up to one another. As always, enjoy your time together and feel grateful for their presence in your life. By recognizing the power of these relationships and fostering them you’ll feel more aligned with yourself too.

3. Eating Nourishing Foods


The saying “you are what you eat” holds some truth. What you feed your body directly impacts how effectively it performs. Try to shift your perspective and relationship with food. Think of what you’re eating and it’s helping to fight disease and inflammation, or if what you’re consuming is fueling those negative things. Fad diets don’t work, so make a lifestyle switch. Think of it as a long term change. Prioritize unprocessed foods, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and lots of water.

4. High-Quality Supplements


To continue building this strong, healthy nutrient-based foundation it’s worth considering a supplement to meet some of your other needs. For example, if your own needs include needing help with regulating blood sugar and managing chronic pain then you might want to consider supplementing with alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). This powerful antioxidant works to maintain proper vitamin E and vitamin C levels. An ALA supplement from Dr. Danielle is a great choice for you. These supplements are backed by a medical doctor, and they’re third-party lab tested for purity. Overall, an ALA supplement or other supplements are a great tool to reach maximum health.

5. Natural Over Manufactured


It may seem ironic placing this after something that requires taking a supplement, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Supplements crafted by Dr. Danielle are derived from all natural sources and great alternatives to medications. Unlike medications that can have side effects, try the natural route first. Natural methods include vitamins, minerals, and overall insight into how you’re living your life. For example, if you’re concerned about being on medication for a variety of ailments, then try to change your way of life. If you suffer from high blood pressure, change factors like your diet and focus on managing stress before going on medication. This way of life is a switch from spot treating one ailment to focusing on overall wellness.

6. Deep Sleep


It’s actually quite incredible how much sleep can work wonders for the body. It’s like a built-in system that works as a natural healer. Getting good-quality deep sleep every night is integral for cognitive function. Aim for a baseline of eight hours of sleep per night. Younger adults need even more hours, while older adults still need at least seven. Check out this chart for in-depth baseline hours of sleep for your age. By getting the sleep you need, you’ll nurture your body and feel better than ever.

7. Melt Away Stress


Stress bogs down even the best of us. When stress gets out of hand, it has negative effects on your health. At high amounts, stress alters your mood, physical feelings, and desires. Unfortunately, these changes create the perfect breeding grounds for chronic disease and sickness. It may be hard work, but you have to find ways to minimize your stress. You can exercise, attend talk therapy, get a massage, express your feelings through creative practice, or work on journaling. Whatever method works best for you is key to creating a way of life that alleviates stress and benefits your health.

8. Look to Astrology


Another part of holistic wellness is honoring spirituality. Part of this is looking into your astrology. Astrology is unique to you. It reveals unique traits about yourself, and it helps you stay aligned with the cycles of the Earth. This, in turn, allows you to trust in what the world has in store for you. On top of this, it’s also great for explaining your cycles, moods, and feelings. If you’re interested in astrology or numerology, you can use a tool to calculate your life path number. This number is used to promote direction for your soul during this time. All you need to enter is your date of birth to figure out your life path number, and depending on which you have, you’ll receive different information about yourself. By connecting to this divine spirituality in the universe, you’re steps closer to a life that prioritizes your overall wellness.

9. Be One with Nature


Part of spirituality is connecting to nature. As mentioned above, it’s important to foster this sector of your life as well. A great way to connect with the world is through nature. Go for a walk in the woods and take it all in. Take deep breaths and really observe the beauty that surrounds you. Make sure to spend time in places like forests, mountains, or beaches. All of which reminds you to stop and take in the moment and admire their beauty and understand how you’re connected to this as well.

10. Practice Mindfulness


As touched on in the last tip, sometimes you have to slow down. Mindfulness plays an important role in your wellness. It makes you grateful for what you have and present. Staying mindful and in the moment is a wonderful stress relief, mind relaxant, and physical de-stressor. It’s your time to breathe and assess how you feel. This way, you can effectively move forward and prioritize these pillars of holistic health to feel your absolute best.

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