10 Ways to Baby-Proof Your New Home

So you have purchased a new home and are excited to move in and start making it your own, but you also have a new baby which means you need to take special precautions to make your home safe for everyone. 

While planning the new nursery may be more fun, you will never regret baby-proofing your home. Unintentional injuries are one of the leading causes of death in children and they are most likely to occur at home. Here are a few baby proofing tips that can help your child stay safe while playing in your new home.

  1. Wall Anchors

Tip over accidents are one of the most natural unintentional injuries that occur in homes, and one of the most serious. The weight of a dresser, shelf, or similar furniture item is enough to crush most young children. Wall anchors are an easy way to decrease the chance of serious injury. Assess your home furniture and be sure to anchor anything over 30 pounds to the wall. Keep in mind that even if a shelf or dresser is light empty, it will be much heavier once filled.

  1. Mount Your TV

Your TV presents another tip-over risk, so skip the TV stand and mount your television on a wall in your new home. Not only will you open up floor space and look better in your living room, but you will eliminate a tip-over risk.

  1. Gate Off Stairways

All stairs should be gated at the top and bottom. Many babies learn to climb upstairs before they can go down them, so an open stairway at the bottom is just as dangerous as the top of the stairway. Your child could climb the stairs and then tumble back down, you can avoid this by having multiple baby gates blocking these areas. 

  1. Window Guards 

Screens and windows are made to block air drafts, not to hold the weight of babies and children. Simple plastic window guards can prevent windows from opening fully. They’re fairly inexpensive and could prove to be a life saver in the long run. 

  1. Place Your Microwave Up High 

Do you tend to pop food in the microwave and then walk away? If so, make sure your microwave is up high and out of reach of children. Young children who believe they can do anything and may be able to open the microwave to get their own food- which results in a large burn risk, spill risk, and can be avoided with clips or ensuring it is out of a toddler range.

  1. Childproof Cabinets

Ideally cleaning supplies should be kept up high, but if you cannot do this at least make sure your cabinets are firmly secured. Checking on amazon, there are a wide variety of cabinet securements that make it much more difficult for a child to open and play with what may be inside.

  1. Store Medicine out of Reach 

Medicine is a huge poison risk, so make sure that it is always stored up high away from prying hands whether it is in your bathroom or kitchen. A good way to do this is to get a locked or secured locking larger container, and putting all medicines into the secure box. 

  1. Invest in Stove-Knob Covers 

Children and stoves do not mix well. While a baby is not going to crawl up to the stove, that same baby will be a toddler quick enough. Most toddlers use various tools and boxes to get up on counters, and it is only a matter of time before they will hover near your stove. Simple plastic stove-knob covers are all it takes to ensure your child never accidentally pops the stove on. On that same note, there is a difference between gas and electric stoves, both can produce risks to children with a hot stovetop. 

  1. Purchase Cordless Blinds

The reason cordless blinds are now mainstream is because of the high number of children who have died in choking incidents. Don’t take a risk, pay a few more dollars and go for the cordless every time as you start working on window treatments for your new home. 

  1. Cover Up All Outlets

Many new parents don’t worry about outlets because they don’t see how even small fingers could possibly get in there, or believe their child will stick something into the outlet. However, for every parent who thinks their kid wouldn’t possibly do it, there is an ER physician that will tell you that’s exactly what happens. Be safe, and purchase a box of electrical outlet covers for your new home.

If you have smaller children, this guide will help keep them safe in your new home. We suggest spending a few extra dollars to keep your children safe around the house, especially with a new home that they may not be used to, they’ll want to explore. 

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