10 Types of Water Tanks You Need to Know

Water has always been a vital source for our general well being, and water tanks have become just as necessary. We often use water tanks for our different needs; storage, drinking, irrigation, farming, manufacturing, and food preparation, among others.

However, not all tanks are made equal, and depending on what you intend to use it for, many factors should be considered. To help you make an informed decision, we have made the ultimate list of 10 Types of Water Tanks You Need to Know about.

1. For Basic Needs – Ground Water Tanks

Groundwater tanks are made from welded carbon steel which makes them strong and durable. They are perfect for the harsh conditions below and above ground, even when exposed for prolonged periods.

It gathers water that had accumulated from the surface and stores it in large volumes for use during seasons of drought or whenever there is the need for extra water. Our ground water tanks are versatile both in construction and use: for potable water, fire protection, agricultural use and more.

Atanistank produces high-quality water tanks in stainless and galvanized steel variants. These carbon steel tanks also come with an interior coating to meet our customer’s needs.

2. For Industrial Needs – Elevated Water Tanks

Also called water towers, these stainless steel tanks offer a high storage volume without taking up much space. It has an incredibly sturdy build, yet is flexible enough to supply needs for domestic and industrial requirements.

Aside from water, it can store large quantities of other liquids within other industries: from wine making to dairy and chocolate; water towers provide an enormous storage container. At home, it can be safely used for your drinking water since it is protected by stainless steel.

3. Save More with Polyethylene Tanks

More than just plastic, these tanks are ideally suited for people who have a tight budget but don’t need something too big. We provide many plastic septic tanks of various sizes for different uses.

Since these tanks are much lighter compared to stainless steel variants, they are easier to move and can be stationed anywhere. Our polyethylene tanks are constructed from polyethylene resin to help it last long without the costly price tag of concrete.

And unlike concrete and steel based materials, polyethylene tanks aren’t susceptible to corrosion. They are excellent for collecting rainwater or for home water storage and thanks to the plastic’s dark coloration, it helps to block out the sun so that algae can’t grow inside.

4. For Discrete Usage – Underground Fiberglass Tanks

Made from non-corrosive fiberglass material, these underground tanks are highly versatile, available for use both in domestic and industrial settings.

We manufacture underground fiberglass tanks that can withstand the crushing pressure of water stored underneath the soil and are perfect for saving space.

Underground fiberglass tanks allow for all your water to be stored while giving you room for more buildings above ground. Other features of our fiberglass tanks include:

  • Resistant to distortion
  • Watertight Seams
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Highly durable for long life
  • Lightweight for easy installation

5. For Easy Transportation – FRP Tanks

FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tank, and are used in various applications throughout different industries.

We sell FRP tanks with the highest quality, ensuring that they don’t need much maintenance even after using it for years. You no longer need to worry about the hassles of repairing your tank, as it is durable enough for long term use.

These cylindrical tanks are commonly used for transport of liquids with different weights, sizes, and volumes.

6. For Flexibility and Durability – GRP Tanks

Similar to the fiberglass reinforced plastic above, our GRP tanks are an effective way to store water. Using Atanistank modular systems it allows the storage tank to achieve all of your desired sizes.

Built with weather resistant in mind, we have made these GRP tanks to withstand harsh conditions to ensure that rust and corrosion won’t affect your water quality.

The panels, along with the whole structure, has been fortified with durable materials. This ensures that it is sturdy enough to endure heavy use and the normal wear and tear of everyday use. Other benefits include:

  • Easy installation using conventional tools
  • Excellent Hygienic, good water quality
  • Does not deform or dent
  • Non-leakage
  • Low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. Convenient to manage

7. Unique and Practical – Pillow Tanks

For a truly versatile tank, these pillow tanks are an excellent fit for your needs. While very flexible, these tanks are incredibly sturdy and allow you to take them with you on the go.

Pillow tanks are also more practical since they are less expensive than other types of tanks and can hold potable or wastewater. They are relatively easy to set up and can be done by one person, and they’re even customizable.

Able to carry volumes of water, pillow tanks can accommodate anywhere between 500 to 20,000 gallons.  So, whatever your needs are, pillow tanks are a great choice.

8. For Portability and Emergency Use – Folding Tanks

Folding tanks are an excellent option for portable water storage. You can use them easily in places where it may be hard to keep a water supply ready.

They are collapsible, making it easy to set up and take down in case there’s an emergency. This also makes them incredibly portable so that you can transport them to virtually any type or area or environment.

Folding tanks are most helpful in firefighting situations or as a water supply in remote farms.

9. For Heavy-duty Industrial Use – Hydro-pneumatic Tank

Hydro-pneumatic tanks are typically used in industrial settings, which hold water and air under pressure. They regulate system pressures to provide a steady water supply efficiently and to meet system demands.

The compressed air then creates a cushion to absorb pressure or to apply it when needed.  These horizontal storage tanks are best suited for commercial facilities.

10. For Usage Aside from Water – Chemical Contact Tank

Our Chemical contact tanks are made of polyethylene plastic and are used to retain chemicals to be treated with water.


With so many water tank options, it’s easy to lose yourself in the overwhelming amount of choices for your next water storage system. But with this comprehensive list, we hope that you can make an informed decision to get the right tank.

And with your next purchase, we hope that Atanistank will be your partner through your water storage needs, not just for your home, but for all your custom water tank solutions.

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