10 Tips to Smell Good All Day

If we were going to say that all you need to do to smell good all day is wear some good perfume, we wouldn’t be wasting your time with a sizable article such as this.

 You need to know how well your body reacts to various kinds of scents and wash routines so that you can prolong the effects for a whole day. Fortunately, this article is just the guy you need to help you achieve that effect.

 Here are some of the best tips you can use to smell good pretty much 24 hours:

1.   Perfumes

 Now we obviously wouldn’t have started this without mentioning the most common way of smelling good, would we? The key to having a charming all-day smell is choosing a perfume that best suits you, and that can cling to your skin for longer. Make sure that your desired fragrance is natural, fresh, and helps you feel comfortable. Your preferred perfume needs to be something that helps you feel secure every single day.

2.   Proper Fragrance Application

 Knowing how to apply your fragrance is just as crucial as the type of fragrance you choose. It doesn’t matter how expensive your cologne, perfume or scented oil is. If you’re not applying your desired fragrance in the right places, you’re not going to get the long-lasting results you’re looking for.

 Strategically, perfumes need to be applied to the pulse points so that they naturally adapt to our body chemistry. This way, whenever our bodies heat up, it will automatically trigger the fresh-smelling fragrance. These pulse points include the back of our ears, behind our knees, and our wrists.

3.   Test Out Perfumes Before You Buy Them

 Like clothes, perfumes also need to be tried on before you buy them. You don’t just go in and buy the first thing that catches your eyes now, do you? Each fragrance is different from the last, but it all hinges on you what suits your tastes better, or rather your sense of smell.

 Those who know more about fragrances wish to see how each perfume reacts to their skin throughout the day. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way of knowing which fragrance will last on your skin the longest. The best way of knowing is patience and experience. And sometimes, you’re going to find out the hard way that what you chose at first wasn’t what you wanted in the end.

 Try different samples on your wrist to see which one is more pleasing for your nose and suit your skin and personality best.

4.   Put on Deodorant or Antiperspirant at Night

 It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but applying your deodorant or antiperspirant at night is more effective than doing so in the morning. This will work in your favor as the ingredients have time to soak into our skin layers to prevent our glands from producing sweat or pungent odors. You don’t even have to worry about showering in the morning after doing this because by then, the deodorant will already be absorbed.

5.   Drink Lots of Water

 Water is the one thing that keeps our bodies optimally throughout the day. It’s quite frankly the elixir of life itself. Consuming water will help dilute scents that are normally unpleasant to others, including onion, coffee breath, and garlic. We suggest drinking about 96 oz of water daily.

6.   Use Scented Creams and Lotions to Moisturize Your Skin

 If you choose to opt for a body cream, oil, or lotion, then you can fasten the effects of those items for longer the moment you come out of the shower but not before getting rid of excess water on your skin. This tactic is effective because any sort of scented product can last longer when applied to a moist base.

 Want to add a little more scent? Then pick creams and lotions made from your favorite cologne or perfume brand. You can have those products layered with conditioning cologne or perfume, shaving creams, or shower gel.

7.   Bathe or Shower Everyday

 This tactic is so common that it’s almost impossible not to believe that you won’t end up smelling great before you go to bed. Bathing or showering rigorously will eliminate any unwanted odors built up in your skin or hair in the last 24 to 48 hours. But when you shower, be sure to use warm and not hot water and be sure to shower for no more than 15 minutes to conserve your water supply.

8.   Keep a Scented Sachet Where You Store Your Underwear in

 Another great way to keep your entire body and an aromatic scent is to keep a perfume sachet in the same place you stash your underwear in.

 You’ll find that this method works surprisingly well, especially on athletic compression shorts and bras, which will eventually take on an encompassing scent after some time, in the midst of or after a workout.

9.   Apply Perfume on Your Hair Brush

 Applying perfume directly onto your hairbrush can be harmful to your scalp as it can damage your hair roots. Instead of that, it’s much better to spray your hairbrush instead. Dousing your hairbrush with perfume reduces its chemical impact on your follicles, while also giving them a fresh scent.

10. Take Proper Care of Clothes

 Although this is an obvious method, learning how to wash your clothes properly will make a huge difference in the way you smell, everything from the type of detergent you use, and how you dry your clothes up. Givaudan performer Linda Song says that most fabric softeners and detergents imitate a perfume’s smell. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for those detergents that are infused with powerful fragrances.

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