10 tips for planning a baby baptism

Planning for child baptism by parents that have not witnessed such an occasion before can be a daunting process. Though, you shouldn’t panic because we have all the details you need and the tips to help you plan better. You also should know what to include in the baptism invitations for a boy or a girl.

For the event to be stress free and go as planned, make sure you are organized. Read on for some of the best tips in organizing for a child baptism.

Where will the event be held?

It’s very important to preplan for the event location. This will depend on how many guests you expect and the space you need. Make sure the venue is free from disturbances and it’s a place that everyone can attend. I am trying to mean that you shouldn’t consider a club or a restaurant as a venue unless they have a space disconnected from the outer world.

Who will you invite/the guest list

The second thing you should do is to make a guest list. This should include all the friends and family that you don’t want to miss out. However, you should choose the number of guests depending on the size of the space you have. You must make sure that everybody you want to invite is in the list and is readily available on the D-day.

When will the event be held?

The next thing is to pick a date when the event will be held. If you are planning to host this party in your home, it’s important to choose flexible days when all family members will be available. I would recommend picking a perfect date especially on a Sunday. Most people are available on Sundays and they may not miss the party.

What is the theme of the day?

The real fun of baptism celebration begins by choosing a perfect date. A theme is a perfect way of choosing the decorations. The theme you choose will depend heavily on whether it’s a boy or a girl. For girls, you can choose pink colors but for boys consider blue. Picking a theme also helps you choose the favors and supplies. Just remember Baptism invitations themes are different from baby shower invitation themes.

Invite your guests in advance

Spare enough time and organize for the invitations. It’s important to send the invitations early enough. Though, you should avoid sending them many months before the day because most of your guests may forget. It’s important to invite people two months in advance. This gives them enough time to plan for the gifts and prepare themselves for the day. There are some people that choose to send the invitations three weeks or a month before the D-day. It’s not wrong but you should be sure your guests are comfortable with the time given.

Factor in family traditions

Family traditions are equally important. To make the day enjoyable and fun, incorporate some family traditions. That is for people that have family traditions. This is to add fun to the already set special occasion.

What are the things needed for baptism?

Before you get ready for your child’s baptism, it’s important to organize and have all the things needed in your list. Some of the common symbols that you should carry are the Cross, baptismal font, oil, water, light and a white garment. The child also needs to have the god parents. Also organize in advance for the scripture readings. Additionally, it may be important to send first communion invitations early enough.

How far in advance do you plan a baptism?

How soon you should plan for a baby’s baptism depends on several factors. If you know you can be able to organize fast enough and you have the capacity, it’s easy to plan for the baby baptism even a month before the D-day. Though, we recommend organizing for a baby baptism 2 months in advance. This gives you enough time to look for the godparents and giving them enough time to prepare. You also need to invite people in advance and give them enough time to organize for baptism gifts.

Decide on Favors

Think of edible treats when it comes to favors. You may also think of sweet keepsakes including candles, key chains or bookmarks. It’s equally important in this case.

Have a menu

You have already prepared enough for the day but forgetting a menu can be your downfall. The good news is that there are many ways of creating a menu. Consider cooking and serving the food or ask someone to help you along the way.


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