10 Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers

Are you disappointed how easily a beautiful bouquet turned into wilted flowers after a few days? Flowers have been the most common gifts for every occasion that people around the world choose to give. If you just received a flower bouquet and you intend to keep the flowers fresh and alive for a long while, here are 10 tips suggested by our florist delivery expert on how you can make them longer lasting:

1. Remove the Plastic Wrappers

Upon arrival of flowers, make it a point that the bouquet if freed from any plastic wrappings that prevent the air from circulating. Based on science, when air stopped circulating through flowers, they tend to be more susceptible to bacteria. The blooms will start to develop brown spots, which will eventually spread on other petals and throughout the entire flower. To prevent this from happening, let the flower breathe by removing its plastic wraps.

2. Remove the Leaves below the Water Line

Leaves on the bottom part of the stem will rot easily if soaked in water. Before you put the entire bouquet of flowers in a flower vase half-filled with water, make sure that there is no leaf to stay under water.

3. Put the Flowers in a Clean Vase with Clean Water

Once extra leaves are removed, put the flowers in a clean vase and make sure that it has clean water. Most flowers rot sooner than expected if the water used on the vase is not clean. However, there are flowers that hate tap water, which is why it is best to ask the florist on how to keep freshly cut flowers alive in vase. Adding bleach and sugar to the water also helps prevent the buildup and development of bacteria in water.

4. Use Floral Preservatives or Flower Food

A simple bouquet or a bouquet of mixed flower will last longer in a flower vase if properly cared for. The best way to care for cut flowers is to provide them with floral preservatives that will nourish them. Preservatives in water where flowers are kept can resist bacteria and fungi, too.

5. Cut Stems Diagonally

To allow the stems absorb water and nutrients in the most appropriate way, cut the flower stem diagonally. This is the proper way of conditioning the flowers while they are kept in a flower vase. The diagonal style of cutting prevents air to enter the bottom of the stem.

6. Change Water Every Now and Then

Water in the flower vase gets slimy and cloudy after a while. This is because dirt and bacteria start to build up. To prevent them from affecting the stems and ruin the flowers, make sure that you change water every now and then or as soon as you noticed the cloudy water. When you change water, clean the flower vase first to get rid of the dirt.

7. Stay Flowers Away from Ripe Fruits and Smoke

Ripe fruits and vegetables release ethylene, a chemical that causes the fresh flowers to wilt easily. It ages the tissues of the flowers and leaves, resulting in brown spots and wilted petals. Smoke from cigarettes also affects the freshness of flowers. If you want your flowers to stay longer in the flower vase, keep the vase away from fruits and smoke.

8. Protect the Flowers from Direct Light

There are several types of flowers that bend toward the direction of the light. This behavior is known as phototropism. Flowers like Sunflowers, Daisy, and Tulips exhibit the said behavior. This is why it is best to have them placed in the windows. They look lovely in the window and they will even bloom beautifully when they get the light they need. On the other hand, too much light and direct sunlight may also affect their freshness. To maintain the bouquet and to prevent flowers from wilting right away, stay them away from strong lights.

9. Ask for Florist’s Recommendations

If you are new to flower care, don’t hesitate to ask the florist for recommendations and guide on how to maintain freshly cut flowers. They are the experts when it comes to handling and caring for flowers. You can ask for step by step guide from the day the flower bouquet arrives to the succeeding days that the flowers stay in the flower vase. With the florist’s help, you can even double or triple the life of the cut flowers in your care.

10. Keep the Flowers in Cooler Condition

Choose a spot where you should place the flower vase and keep the fresh flowers alive inside your room or office. Flowers prefer a spot that is cool and bright. If you opt to have the flowers in the kitchen, see to it that they are placed far from electric equipment and cooking stoves. If you want the flowers to adorn the living room, it is best to have the vase placed on top of the table that is far from heater or anything that produces heat. Flowers will stay fresh longer in an air-conditioned room with bright light.

Keeping fresh cut flowers long lasting can be a challenging task, especially if you do not know what to do. The above tips and the help of the florist will surely make it easier for you to take care and maintain of your lovely and glamorous bouquet so that it will last for a longer period of time. There is no need to be disappointed over wilted flower bouquet if you can keep them beautiful and alive for weeks.

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