10 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts in India

Dads are the real-life heroes for their families; they go far and wide to put food on the table and a roof over their heads and ensure that everyone gets their love and care. Take advantage of special occasions like Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, and birthday to express your love and appreciation with thoughtful gifts. Online gift shops provide a seamless way for anyone to buy gifts for any occasion, customize, and arrange delivery – all from the comfort of their homes. It is essential to find idea gifts that resonate with your father. You can choose the perfect gifts from various options like occasion, recipient, designs, and more! You can also stay in the loop with updates from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In this post, we share the ten thoughtful Father’s Day gifts in India that will surely melt his heart. Read on.

1. Indoor and outdoor plants

Plants filter the air around provide us with oxygen, medicines, and food. It is strongly believed that plants have good luck charms and keep negativity at bay. And it is scientifically proved that plants promote a good mood, creativity, and productivity. When we smell a pleasing scent and have a beautiful view (that of plants and flowers) – our brains release the feel-good hormones. So, make the best impact on your father with thoughtful indoor and outdoor plants. Some of the plants to give your father are bonsai, jade, lucky bamboo, areca palm, lavender, rubber, and banana plant.

2. Flower bouquet

Flowers are expressional; they come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and scents, making them one of the best gifts to give anyone. Surprise your father with a bouquet of fresh and aromatic flowers at the ding of the doorbell. Some of the perfect flowers to share with your dad will find from online florists: peace lilies, orchids, roses, daisies, gerberas, and carnations.

3. Cakes

Cakes are the true definition of all funfilled and cherishable celebrations, be it a birthday, an anniversary or anything in-between. Surprise your father with a luscious and enticing cake Father’s Day cake. Choose his favourite cake type, flavours, and theme. Some of the best cake flavours are Kit Kat, vanilla, black forest, chocolate, and fruitcake. Take the cake surprise a step further and express your feelings and emotions by customising the cake with a design, name, picture, or message.

4. Personalised wall clock

Time is the most important resources no expert can ever tame; all we can do is manage our times wisely and keep track of our progress. Surprise your dad with a personalised wall clock that has a photo, message, and name. Take the surprise to the next level and present him with a matching personalised wristwatch. There are many personalisation options to express your love and care – check trending designs on Facebook and Instagram.

5. God idols and figurines

Are you planning to throw a surprise party for your father? Decorations are an essential part of celebrations. A well-decorated venue creates an environment that will put everyone in the party mood. So, besides just focusing all the attention on your father with gifts for him, you can also tweak the decorations and share the fun and happiness.

6. Music for the party vibe

The party sensation is complete when we have music playing in the background. It complements the excellent essential food, gifts and brings out happiness through dancing and sing-alongs. Compile a list of your dad’s favourite music for the occasion. You can also make arrangements with gift shops to make package the playlist.

7. Personalised games

Does your daddy love playing video games? Make the Father’s Day celebration a bliss and play video and board games together. You can also find a variety of personalised games from gift stores. And you can also spruce up the day with an Xbox or PlayStation surprise with a complete year subscription.

8. Grooming kit

Cheer your father up with a grooming kit to trim his beard and maintain his facial looks in check. You can have the grooming kit assorted with all the other essentials like face wash, sunscreen, lotions, and beard sprays, among other things.

9. Personalised bottle lamp

Light can turn a dark and dull space into a bright and bubbling paradise. Surprise your father with a personalised bottle lamp. With a click of the personalised bottle lamp’s switch – change your dad’s room to a peaceful place. One of the best customisation options you can go with is God idols like the Jai Shri Krishna photo lamp.

10. Printed diary

The best way to remember something is when you write it down on a piece of paper or take a picture and write at the back of it your special message. Give your father a printed diary to write down all the cherishable memories and appointments. You can also have the diary printed with names, notes and have photo inserts and gaps to stick pictures.