10 Skin Habits You Need to Break Right NOW

We are all suffering from our own habits. The worst thing is that we know these habits are damaging our hair, skin, nails, etc. but we are still addicted to them.

We will start with the skin. There are many habits that can damage your sensitive skin.

Our skin is our trademark and what will be left of our beauty if we don’t take a good care about it.

Call me crazy, but I love when I see woman that know how to take a good care for her skin.

It’s the source for beauty and you just need to ditch these mutual habits if you want to have smooth and soft skin.

Let’s go:

Habit #1: Avoiding your sunscreen

Sunscreen / sunblock. Woman putting solar cream on shoulder smil

Habit #2: Smoking!


Habit #3: Drinking too much


Habit #4: Keep using the same products that don’t suit you


Habit #5: Ignoring your chest and neck


Habit #6: Using dirty makeup brushes


Habit #7: Constant chatting over phone


Habit #8: Staying up late


Habit #9: Consuming junk food


Habit #10: Neglecting your eyes


Keep doing these things and your skin will be a complete mess.

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