10 Signs That You Have a Cool Mom Who Knows Her Stuff

If you think your mom gets on your nerves sometimes or is a little old-fashioned, that doesn’t mean she’s not a cool mom. Here are 10 reasons why she’s cool.

Your mom sends you a Snapchat of her reaction to the season finale of a show you’re both watching. It’s super lame, but it makes you laugh. Your mom can be a serious dork, but she’s your dork and that makes her a pretty cool mom in your book.

The thing about your mom is that she’s not only your mother. She’s pretty much the maternal figure for almost everyone in your circle of friends. She even texts them from time to time to see how they’re doing.

If your mom is this awesome, you better treasure her. Here are a few more reasons why you have the coolest mama around.

  1. You Share Clothes

You’re going through your closet and you can’t seem to find your favorite pair of jeans. When you head to your mom’s room to ask her about it, you find your jeans. She’s wearing them.

Don’t be mad. Your mom wearing your jeans means that you both have a pretty sick sense of fashion. Return the favor by heading to her closet and grab her best jeans to wear out instead.

  1. She’s Always Texting You

By texting you all the time, we don’t mean in the annoying “I must keep up with everything you’re doing” sort of way. We mean the “send you videos of something dumb the cat did at midnight” sort of way.

She’s always trying to bring a little light into your day with fun messages. It’s sort of like lunch box notes for adults.

  1. You Have the Same Taste in Music

It’s always awesome when you can go on a road trip with your mom and agree on the same radio station. It also means that you can go to concerts with each other with no complaints.

  1. She Has Good Ideas

You could ask your mom for advice on finding gifts for police officers and she would have a good answer for it. She’s also good at thinking up fun things for the family to do together.

You both have sort of the same tastes when it comes to activities, so you always like her suggestions. You never end up fighting about where to go eat because you’ll pretty much eat anything she will. Maybe you took a little too much after your mom, but that’s not a bad thing.

  1. Her Social Media Accounts Are Thriving

Your mom has an account on pretty much every social media site and even makes regular appearances on yours via photos. She has no trouble working her pages and very rarely do you have to walk her through something.

She’s tech-savvy like that and she makes posts on a daily basis. She has even more followers than you do.

  1. You Call Her Because You Want To

It’s 8 PM and you’ve gotten home after a tough day at work. As soon as you get your shoes off, you call your mom to tell her all about it.

You’ve had an exciting day out with a friend? Better call your mom to gab about it.

When you’ve got a mom who’s as awesome as yours, you want to call her every day and not out of obligation. She’s the one person that you never get tired of talking to.

  1. Your Friends Love Her

All your friends text your mom about as much as you do. Your mom is pretty much their mom. In fact, they call her such whenever they come over to your place.

If they see her in town, you know about it because they text you and tell you. Your mom is identifiable. Everybody knows and loves her almost as much as you do.

  1. She’s One of Your Best Friends

Sure, you have a BFF that you’ve known since grade school, but they’re no replacement for your mom. She’s the first person that you spill new gossip to. You stay up all night with her talking about your problems.

She chimes in when she can and even offers her assistance if possible. She always has your back. As you get older, hangout nights are less likely to be filled with wild parties and more likely to star your mom and delivery pizza.

  1. You Have the Best Inside Jokes

You and your mom can look at each other and burst into laughter. You’ve got some sort of inside joke telepathy that can be conveyed by facial expressions alone.

Nobody cracks you up quite like your mom does. You can spend all day throwing jokes at each other and never get bored because you’re that hilarious.

  1. She’s a Big Kid at Heart

Your mom is a grown adult with responsibilities. It’s her job to be your friend but be harsh when she needs to be as well. At the end of the day though, she’s a big old kid at heart.

When you have an awful hangover, instead of chastising you for drinking, she’ll have the perfect cure handy because she’s been in your shoes. She’s also the first one to hop on a roller coaster with you and go on an adventure. Just because your mom is a big kid with bills doesn’t mean she can’t have fun every now and again.

You’ve Got One Cool Mom

You can count on your mom for anything and everything. She’s your rock and the person that you can never get tired of hanging out with.

All of your late-night conversations involve her and all your friends love her. Yeah, she’s one cool mom.

Every mom wants to be thought of as an awesome one. Check out the lifestyle section of our blog for the latest parenting advice.

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