10 Reasons Why Physical Activity Is Great For Your Kids

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is not just for adults – it’s great for your kids as well. Engaging in physical activity is one of the most important things a parent should encourage their kids to do.

This is especially true in the modern age where they are overexposed to their smart phones and can become lethargic.

You’ll be doing your kids a favor by introducing them to various physical activities to keep them active. It’s inexpensive, fun and offers a wide range of benefits – mentally and physically. If your kids love riding a bike, go off the beaten path for a change of scenery. Packing up the kids for a fun, outdoorsy camping trip is a wonderful way of getting them out and moving. Take your bikes with you if you’re going on a trail ride that’s a bit further out of the way. Rackmaven offers a wide variety of bike rack choices. No more hassle when bringing your bike to any of your favorite destinations!

Get your kids to step out of their comfort zone and try something new – at the same time bringing greater satisfaction and enjoyment to your kids’ life. Be creative in helping your kids improve their physical activities. You can provide necessary equipment or tools depending on their interest.

Apart from eating healthy meals, kids need to be physically active and spend quality time exercising and being involved in outdoor activities. Kid friendly hiking trails are plenty, as is fishing spots. Spend time with them by doing something you both enjoy, like running, riding a bike or climbing a mountain.

Here are ten reasons why physical activity is important and beneficial for your kids. You too can benefit from it if you do it together with them.

1. Natural Stress Reliever

Most people know that physical exercise can help lift the blues. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins – a natural substance that is released when you feel hurt, laugh or exercise – elevating your mood and make you happier.

During beautiful weather, let your kids enjoy themselves by playing at the playground, or go swimming with their friends for some summer splash fun. Who says video games and gadgets are the only stress reliever for kids?

2. Do Better In School

Happy and active kids tend to do better at school. Kids that participate in sports and physical education would excel academically. Since it helps break the boredom from the classroom and improve focus and concentration.

Kids involved in sports at school, display fewer behavior issues. This is because being involved in team-oriented situations make them get along with their peers better – improving their communication and social skills.

3. Promotes A Healthy Weight

Regular exercise and appropriate diet are two important, but often neglected factors when determining your kids’ ideal weight. A sedentary lifestyle spent sitting behind the desk in front of the computer won’t develop your kids’ physical skills or burn calories.

The opposite is also true if your kid is underweight. They should be taught how to prepare healthy and balanced meals at a young age to prepare them for their adult life.

Encourage your kids to play sports and exercise at least one hour daily to keep their healthy weight and obesity at bay.

4. Promotes Better Growth

Activities that require continuous movement of your kid’s body increases their heart rate and make them work up a sweat. It is vital for the healthy development of their heart and lungs.

The heart is sometimes referred to as the ‘Engine of Life’ so it’s essential our kids know the importance of taking care of it. Like any other muscle, the heart responds to exercise by becoming more efficient and stronger.

5. Increase Self Esteem and Boost Confidence

Physical pursuits are a great way to boost your kid’s confidence through getting compliments and encouragements. Emphasize areas where they are doing great and reward your kids for displaying development and endeavor in the sport they choose to participate.

As a parent, take this chance to foster your kids’ hobbies and interests. The respect and recognition your kids receive from you will mean a lot to them. It’ll give them a boost to their self-esteem and they, in turn, will strive to achieve and do better.

6. Promote Social Skills

Social skills are useful in almost every situation. Empathy, effective communication and self-control are some of the social skills that your kids should learn. By letting your kids participate in sports and other outdoor activities, they will understand how to cope with circumstances and difficulties they’ll face eventually in life.

Children with excellent social skills will be able to recognize the consequences of their actions – teaching them to be responsible.

7. Teaching The Kids Discipline

Now you may wonder, how physical activities relate to discipline. Physical activities are a blessing in disguise when it comes to disciplining your kids. It teaches your kids to be punctual for sports practice, stay organized and stop playing when they’ve been asked to.

When your kids play basketball with their buddies for example, and it’s getting dark, they’ll come home, clean themselves up and be ready for dinner without being told to. It’s a different situation when your kids are stuck on the couch the whole day. There usually have to be told what to do, and that doesn’t bode well for them to learn the value of discipline.

8. Develop Teamwork And Leadership Skills

Whether your kids play in their school’s sports team or go camping with their friends, it’s all about working and doing things together. They will learn to work as part of a team. Your kids will learn the importance of empathy, following rules and instructions and communicating well to solve problems.

Teamwork is not only essential in your kids’ childhood life, but it also plays a crucial role in assisting them to succeed in their later adult life.

9. Make New Friends

Kids who play together allow them to interact and understand their fellow playmates. This continues right from puberty to their adolescent years and all through adulthood with fellow co-workers.

Most parents would not like to see their kids lock themselves up in their room all day. Making new friends is an essential part of growing up and crucial for emotional development. Studies have shown that kids who play with their friends regularly were less likely to feel discontentment and have higher self-esteem.

Some friends share the same interests and hobbies. So it’s great to see your kids enjoy sports and outdoor activities with their peers, rather than cooped up in front of the television all day!

10. Its FUN

If there’s one thing that most kids will not say no to – is having fun! And physical activities can be a lot of fun. Take some time out to go hiking on a new trail you’ve never been to, ride bikes in beautiful parks on a Sunday morning or even participate in water sports like kayaking will get your kids closer to nature.

Some kids enjoy dancing and martial arts. Exposing them to the various techniques for self-defense like Jujitsu, Capoeira, Taekwondo or the other classes available nowadays builds up their confidence and teaches them self-respect. Dancing classes, on the other hand, allows them a great time – giving them a positive attitude while listening to upbeat music.

The Bottom Line

Physical activity brings many positive benefits to your kids well being – which will prepare them when they reach adulthood. As a parent, you can provide and support your kids’ interest. They need to enjoy their childhood and feel motivated. To encourage and reward their achievements, so they lead a happy, healthy and positive life!

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