10 Reasons to Earn CompTIA Security+. How Practice Tests Will Help You?

General Overview

As the demand for individuals with IT skills keeps on growing, so are the opportunities available for people with relevant qualifications. And the more competencies you have, the more valuable specialist you become. If you also have an IT certification, then your chances to find an interesting and well-paying job will increase greatly.

Today, there are many badges available in multiple fields including cybersecurity, and it is a significant challenge when you are trying to select the one that is right for you. Among the most recognized credentials valued by employers is This certification will help you gain an overall understanding of the basic security concepts. To earn it, you only have to pass one exam, SY0-501. 

In this article, we’ll review the main reasons to apply for this badge and also will take a look at how the popular preparation materials like practice tests will help you achieve it with fewer difficulties. Let’s start!

Perks of Becoming CompTIA Security+ Certified

  • It is not as challenging to obtain as many other certifications


A+ Practice Test 8 is an entry-level credential that will help you test the waters of IT, so preparation for its exam will not be so hard. Still, the badge verifies you are ready to perform core security tasks. Most of the things you’ll learn through training will be useful in your professional life. Moreover, this certification will lay the foundation for obtaining higher-level IT badges and growing as an expert in the field.


  • Test prep material is abundantly available


As this is a popular certification among IT professionals, there is plenty of preparation material out there. From video tutorials to books, you’ll have an opportunity to choose a resource and method that will suit you most. Regardless of the chosen options, many candidates supplement their studies with practice tests as they show what questions are likely to appear in the assessment and help to pass the exam without much trouble. 


  • It’s well recognized


It is common knowledge that the more skills you have, the better equipped you are to the ever-changing job market and the more you can earn. Upgrading your portfolio will open up new opportunities for you. But how to prove your skillset? The Network+ Practice Test 12 (N10-007) badge is the answer. It will show the recruiters you are competent and will help you grow as a professional.


  • It helps you stay up to date with the most recent changes in the field


Things keep changing and evolving all the time. The field of IT is the best example of this. Things never stay the same and there is always something new to learn. To succeed in this industry, you are required to upgrade your expertise regularly. Doing so will expose you to new tips and tricks of the trade.


  • It opens up new career pathways and options


Having the CompTIA Security+ credential will give you the chance to explore new career options. This certification can act as the foundation you need to further specialize in security. It can also help you build confidence in your skills and competencies. With this badge, the positions like security administrator, security engineer, penetration tester, etc. become available for you. The list of the positions is endless and only limited by your research and imagination. 


  • It helps you expand on your knowledge


As the CompTIA Security+ certification is an entry-level accreditation, it can be your first step towards further specializing in the field of security. There are so many domains within this sector and with such a strong and comprehensive base, you’ll be able to choose a sphere of your liking with no struggle. The badge offers an overview of all the areas involved in security so you’ll see which of the domains is the most interesting for you. 


  • It allows you to work anywhere on the globe


Since CompTIA Security+ is globally recognized, it’s evident that being in your resume, it will enhance your employability and desirability as a cybersecurity professional. It will be easier for you to find a job in big organizations, such as Agile Defence, Nationwide, the Joint Commission, to name a few.


  • This certification will help you progress in your career


Even if you are an employed IT professional, having CompTIA Security+ will help you progress faster. By obtaining it, you will scale the career ladder much better than before. This is because it validates your skills in a visible manner and presents you as a committed specialist who engages in continuous professional development.


  • It gives you practical skills


The required SY0-501 exam involves performance-based questions that assess your ability to solve real-world security problems. Therefore, having this credential will prove to your potential employees that you have the practical as well as theoretical knowledge. To surely obtain these skills, use CompTIA virtual labs and available practice tests as they provide you with tasks like those you’ll face during the test and in your future workplace.


  • It will make you more preferable to potential employers


For instance, if you and another potential job candidate have the same qualifications and experience but you possess the Comp TIA Security+ SY0-501 badge in addition to them, your chances to be selected for the position increase as employers will easily see your level of expertise and what value you can bring. 


CompTIA Security+ will help you lay the necessary foundation in your journey towards becoming an IT professional who is in high demand. You will learn the basics of cybersecurity, gain all the needed knowledge as well as practical skills, and will be ready to prove your competence. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of getting hired as an IT specialist, start preparing for your Security+ badge with reliable materials like courses and practice tests and make your career dreams come true!

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