10 Reasons Instagram is good for Business

Like most business owners, you probably have a personal Instagram account.  Are you in tune with the fact that a business account for your business would grow your sales exponentially? Since it entered the social networking space, Instagram has proven to be an effective marketing tool. If you are not using Instagram yet, here are ten reasons why you are doing your business an injustice.

1. Visualize a brand

Unlike other social media platforms that are big on wordy status updates and comments, Instagram demands visuals. Here is your opportunity to post pictures, videos or images of your staff members, manufacturing process and customer interaction.

2. Communicate with customers

Instagram provides a platform where news about new products, promotions and changes within the business can be conveyed to consumers. Buy Instagram followers cheap and fast if you want to reap this benefit.

3. Tell stories

Whether you use infographics, cartoons or plain pictures, Instagram allows you some level of creativity. Stories are known to capture audiences so you should post many.

4. Grow business network

Apart from customers, your business needs partners to grow. Influencers and complementary brands are great contacts to add to your network.

5. Keep abreast customer trends

New trends are easy to spot and follow on social media platforms. Instagram can be a place to initiate causes or spark conversations by posting seasonal content.

6. Make direct income

Through product placement, Instagram allows businesses to make money by redirecting customers to your online store. By using shoppable posts, information about a product like price and description are accessible on a click.

7. Improve visibility

Even for new businesses, the use of well-thought and catchy hashtags can make you and your brand an instant sensation.

8. App mobility

With all the pointers of an app since inception, you are likely to reach more people. Remember that 90% of time spent on smartphones is in the app section. This means more customer engagement, more brand presence and more sales.

9. Monitor competitor moves

Studying the moves of your competitors is the easiest way of learning the market. If you can describe your competitor as a success, then the number of posts they have in a day, content of the posts, and their responses on Instagram should guide you on how to be as great as they are.

10. Platform for expressed creativity

People go to Instagram to look at pictures and get entertained with the creativity of posts. Your business can stand out simply by putting gin a hint of personality to what you post.

What justifies all these efforts? There are more people paying attention to Instagram than before. This social media giant is too powerful to ignore.

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