10 Qualities of a good gynecologist Doctor

As a woman, if you feel responsible for your happiness and choices in life, then you also need to take good care of yourself.

Visiting a best gynecologist is one of the first steps you can take towards self-care. From irregular periods to going through the menopausal period, a gynecologist can be your best friend and primary care doctor.

A gynecologist carries out a close examination of the most intimate and private parts of your body. He/she then offers advice and medical assistance based on these observations.

To get the best treatment possible, you should also make a smart and good choice of a gynecologist doctor. He/she must be reputable and possess all the fine qualities of a professional gynaecologist.

To help you choose better, let us discuss some of the finest qualities of a good gynecologist doctor:

1. Certified & Authentic Professional

The gynecologist with whom you have an appointment should be board-certified professional from a reputed medical university.

This naturally proves that they are 100% trained doctors and have a valid license to pursue gynecology practice.

2. Accessibility & Availability

A well-reputed specialist may always be busy with all-day appointments. However, it does not mean that he/she is inaccessible.

You may find that they give proper time and attention to their patients. A reliable gynecologist will always find time to attend to any urgent case that needs an immediate emergency check-up. 

3. Compassionate & Kind

A genuine gynecologist showcases an inborn quality of care and compassion. The compassionate nature of the doctor can help in establishing a good connection with his/her patients.

Though the doctor must have grown weary of listening to hundreds of women talk about their symptoms, he/she will always treat every patient with compassion and patience.

4. Confident & Communicative

A righteous gynecologist can put you at ease. He/she may make sure that you are relaxed by exercising their communication skills.

You will feel no hesitation in speaking about your problem or symptoms. You may find them confident and sure of their approach.

All these are signs that the doctor is experienced, knowledgeable and can offer you the best treatment in the UAE.

5. Inquisitiveness & Curiosity

Some women may feel embarrassed to discuss their gynecological or reproductive issues even with their doctor.

Therefore, the physician must be frank and inquisitive to ask the patients leading queries to know the nature of the problem. In such cases, curiosity is a fine virtue.

6. Respectful & Understanding

No two persons can be alike. Similarly, an experienced gynecologist may find that every patient is unique. While some may be open about their women-related issues, others may be hesitant and shy.

Being a respectful doctor, a gynecologist will give the same amount of respect and compassion to all her patients alike.

Only then, a woman will be able to trust her doctor to divulge all her private issues.

7. Friendly & Firm

Gynecologists are relatively friendly so that their patients can feel at ease and confide in them. Yet the friendly nature does not interfere with their check-ups.

Trustworthy gynecologists in Dubai often treat the patient with a friendly disposition and firm hands.

8. Calm Demeanor

A doctor has to keep a calm demeanor so that their patients do not get agitated or tensed.

Even if the diagnostic results are serious or the problem is complicated, gynecologists face the patients and their relatives with a calm and peaceful attitude.

9. Clean Background

To register in the online medical search engines and for gaining a clean reputation, doctors need to advertise the fact that they do not carry the baggage of malpractice lawsuits or history of being accounted for some disciplinary misconduct.

10. Detailed Orientation

Gynecology is a specialized field that covers all the health problems of a woman. The gynecologist gives full attention to the patient’s problems.

Even the smallest details are scrutinized and probed. The sincere yearning to research the issues of the patients thoroughly is by far one of the best qualities of a good gynecologist.

It also earns him/her respect and reputation in the medical community.

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