10 Kitchen Supplies New Homeowners Need

So you have just moved into your new home and you are finally getting ready to live a nice and independent life with your loved ones! Part of this newfound independence of course is cooking your own meals each and every day. Afterall, meals are not just for eating, they are the best times for you and your family members to sit down and talk about your day.

So having that said, what makes a great kitchen? Here are ten kitchen supplies that you need for your new kitchen this year.

1.Slow Cooker

Who doesn’t like a nice slow-cooked ham? If you have taken any cooking class at all or have watched any cooking show, you will know that the food that tastes that best is the food that you take your time with. Because of that, a slow cooker is something that you definitely need in your kitchen.


Air-fryers are definitely a newer choice for 2021 but they are amazing! First of all, with an air-fryer, you do not have to use any oil for you to cook the same food! Not only is this cheaper and more convenient, but this is also a lot healthier!

3.Food Processor

So is the Superbowl or the World Cup right around the corner and you want to impress your friends with a nice homemade salsa with your chips? You would need a nice food processor for your kitchen then!

4.Rice Cooker

Everybody loves rice as a side dish every now and then. Not only that, if you want to get more international with your recipes, rice is one of the staple ingredients. Cooking rice through a pan can be problematic though so invest in a nice rice cooker for you to be able to do it a lot quicker and without as much effort.


If you are into healthy eating, the best thing that you can possibly have in your kitchen is a nice juicer. This is especially true if you live in a city that has great fresh fruit in it.


Blenders are incredibly versatile so they are a must-have for the home as well. Not only will you be able to make the best purees with it, you can also make various shakes and smoothies! This is something that the kids would love!

7.Steel Wok

If you have a taste for more international cuisine, you cannot deprive your kitchen of the convenience of having a steel wok. Woks are incredible because you can use them to cook a lot of food all at once, for very large servings!


One of the best celebrity chefs from the United Kingdom, Heston Blumenthal, often says that you do not want to cook a nice roasted chicken based on minutes, you want to cook it based on the internal temperature that you are getting through your thermometer! Take your roasts to a whole new level with a simple thermometer!


Is it somebody’s birthday and you want to bake a nice cake for them? Do you just have a sweet tooth and you want to whip up a quick batch of brownies? Maybe you are a sucker for roast beef! In any case, a complete kitchen can only really be complete if it has a nice oven.

10.Non-Stick Pans

Finally, avoid the inconvenience of having to scrape little bits of scrambled eggs from your pan by just investing in nice ceramic non-stick pans. If you cook food that is still cold, parts of it can easily stick to pans that do not have this property. Make your cooking more convenient!

If you are able to get all of the things that we talked about in this list, there is no doubt that your kitchen will be the envy of the town!

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