10 Key Points You Must Note While Exercising At Home

The survival of the fittest has been the rule of thumb on our planet from eternity. Due to this rule, Homo sapiens evolved overtime to be physically active species. We must continuously burn energy by means of physical activities to keep our bodies healthy. But, the modern world has offered us a different lifestyle. Our work involves sitting in comfortable chairs all day. Our postures have slowly become incorrect. The muscles and bones in our body have weakened. Even our meals are not healthy. We often eat out which provides pleasure to only our taste buds. These meals contain no nutrition. Because of all these things, we are leading a very unhealthy lifestyle.

To counter this, we do exercises that help overcome the limitations of the modern lifestyle. We must exercise regularly and employ the correct posture. Equipment like cycles, treadmills, weights, etc. is used for exercises. To make sure the posture is correct, proper training and gym wall mirror are used. Gym wall mirror, if used properly can actually increase the efficiency of the exercise. Gym wall mirror is also helpful in reducing the chances of injury while exercising.

What are the risks associated with exercising?

While exercises seem to be the remedy to all our problems. But, doing too much of it can actually undo the benefits. Because there are many risks associated with it. Some of the most common risks are:

  • Physical injury due to incorrect posture or over-exerting your selves.
  • Extreme endurance exercises like ultra-marathons put too much pressure on the cardiovascular system. This can lead to heart damage, enlarged arteries, and heart rhythm disorders.
  • Repeated endurance exercise can remodel the heart. This happens by the thickening of the muscle’s wall and damaging the tissues.
  • Over exercise and restricted calorie intake in women can also lead to loss of menstruation, osteoporosis and eating disorders.
  • In males, over-exercise can cause a decrease in libido. This is caused due to physical fatigue or lower testosterone level.
  • There are also some common problems that both males and females face due to over-exercise. Tendinitis, stress fractures and weakening of the immune system are some of them.

10 points to consider as safety trick when exercising at home

By looking at the risks of exercise, one might get the impression that exercises are bad. But, don’t be fooled by them. Because, while there are risks involved, there are many safety measures as well. These safety measures can help in reaping the maximum benefit out of exercises. Here, we will take a look at the 10 most important points to be safe while exercising.

  • Warm-up: The most underrated and yet the most important of all. Warming up can be your best friend if you want to be safe. Because, if you work out cold muscles, you are bound to get injured. Warming up increases your core body temperature and mentally prepares you for the workout.
  • Proper Training: Doing things in the wrong way or without any guidance won’t take you much far. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to use a personal trainer to make sure you train properly. Becoming a self-trainer without proper knowledge can be very risky. And this is also a major cause of injuries.
  • Cross-training: Variety is always good. As we like to have a lot of variety in life. Our body also needs to have variety in exercises. This gives our muscles a break from monotonous exercises and reduces the chances of fatigue injuries. Additionally, doing a variety of exercises also gives our body all-round development.
  • Adapt and Improvise: Our body changes with age. We need to acknowledge this fact and should avoid trying to do things that we could do 10 or 20 years ago. We should do exercises that are beneficial to our current body constitution.
  • Avoid “too much, too soon”: Be realistic about your current levels of fitness. Do not jump levels and do things that might injure you. Increase the intensity and timing of your exercises slowly to avoid serious injuries.
  • Use proper attire: Not using good quality workout gear plays a major role in getting serious injuries. Always use the proper gear as it increases your efficiency and provides a lot of other benefits.
  • Correct Posture while exercising: Maximum injuries like muscle and ligament tears occur because of the wrong posture. While exercising, we do not realize this but the after-effects are not very pleasant. A gym wall mirror must be employed while doing exercises so that we can regularly check and correct our posture. The gym wall mirror is specially designed to give you the desired feedback which helps in correcting your posture. I’ve also seen some fairly large gym mirrors for sale on Fab Glass and Mirror. They have everything you need. Collect all the information on various designs, sizes, and types of glass and other features of gym wall mirror from FGM. Here, you can browse their wide variety of selections.
  • Eat a healthy diet: a properly balanced diet is a must if you are undergoing any exercise regime. You must take a combination of carbohydrates, protein, fats, and vitamins to increase your overall fitness levels. All these things repair our bodies from inside and keep us fit to undergo the required exercises.
  • Do strength training and endurance exercises: These exercises when done properly can help in increasing our core strength. This increases our ability to undergo more intense exercises.
  • Rest and recover: Any exercise routine is only beneficial if we take time to rest. If we keep on doing exercise continuously, then we might injure ourselves. Taking a break is very essential. This break time actually helps in repairing all the damage that we may have incurred due to exercises. Resting adds to the overall benefits that you receive from exercises.

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