10 Gluten Free Snacks That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Are you gluten-free? Then you must be cautious about the foods that you consume. Most people that are gluten-free tend to avoid taking snacks because the majority are diet-inappropriate. However, this has become a thing of the past. Why? There exist gluten-free snacks that you can purchase or make at home to fulfill your cravings. Here are some of the healthy snacks that you can enjoy.

1. Dates

You can always incorporate dates as part of your dessert to ease the cravings that you have. Dates are not only healthy but also have a very sweet taste. Interestingly, you can use dates to create a myriad of desserts, but you could also consume them alone. The almost creamy texture of dates can help satisfy your cravings.

2. Granola plus peanut butter plus dark chocolate chips

You can also have a healthy snack by mixing some peanut butter with rich dark chocolate chips to whole granola. That blend makes it feel like you are having a sumptuous cake, fulfilling your cravings.

3. Peanut butter mug cake

You can fill your mouth with flavor and still manage to keep it healthy by eating the peanut butter mug cake. You need almond milk, peanut butter, and gluten-free flour to make this delicious, moist cake to fill your tummy.

4. Banana bread

Instead of eating a plain banana, why not get in the kitchen and make some delicious and healthy banana bread? This snack is ideal for those who want to or those who are already gluten-free. The snack is made using moist bananas, and the outcome is guaranteed to fulfill your craving for cake.

5. Microwaved sweet potato + maple syrup + walnuts

When you microwave sweet potatoes, they deliver a sweet and starchy texture that makes it appear like a snack. You should ensure to microwave the sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes to achieve that texture. Let them cool, and then scoop its insides, place them in a bowl and mix with walnuts and maple syrup.

6. Flourless applesauce spice cake

Another gluten-free snack that could fulfill your craving is flourless applesauce spice cake. Its ingredients include oat flour, applesauce, nuts, and some spices to add flavor to the cake.

7. Hazelnut protein cookies

If you’re gluten-free and craving cookies, why not satisfy it with hazelnut protein cookies? These cookies will give you a healthy dose of protein, which your body needs for various body functions. That notwithstanding, the hazelnut protein cookies are extremely delicious, and they can leave your mouth watery every time you hear them mentioned.

8. Apple crisp

As you look for the best grill for tailgating, you might want to try a gluten-free snack to get rid of any snack cravings that you have. You can have this snack as dessert because it combines healthy fruit and some whole grains to ease your cravings.

9. Protein bars

Protein bars are ideal snacks for gluten-free individuals. You can have the protein bars for breakfast, especially if you just transitioned into a gluten-free diet. The best thing about protein bars is that they come in a variety of flavors, allowing you to choose your favorite.

10. Chocolate-covered frozen bananas

If you are at home and craving a snack, you can proceed to make yourself this gluten-free snack. The snack can help to ease your ice cream cravings, especially when it is hot. You should cut bananas into halves or quarters according to your preference.

Next, dip the bananas in melted chocolate. You should then add the toppings that you prefer such as sprinkles, shredded coconut, or crushed nuts. Afterward, freeze this mixture until the chocolate hardens.


Snacks mostly comprise of unhealthy ingredients, and that makes gluten-free individuals struggle with cravings. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with that anymore because you can get gluten-free snacks on the market or make some from the comfort of your kitchen.

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