10+ Easy Helmet-Friendly Hairstyle Tutorials For Looking Stylish When Cycling

Cycling is a wonderful activity, perfect for keeping you fit without you having to put in a lot of effort. You set your own pace, and with that the intensity of the workout. Or you can just enjoy the relaxing feeling cycling around the park.

With weather this nice it is a shame to commute by car, bus or train. If your work place or other destination is not too far, take out your bike and cycle there. Another great think about bikes is that they don’t take up much space, meaning you don’t have to spend time looking for a parking spot.

The only downside is that the safety gear, more precisely the helmet which causes your hair to have the worst flatted out look possible. And that just won’t do if you have to look your best.

For those purposes, we made this list of some helmet-friendly hairdo’s that are easy to make, yet look absolutely gorgeous and are perfect for any occasion. See for yourself.

Side Twist Bun

Side Twist Bun

Tutorial via totalwomenscycling.com

Low Twisted Buns


Tutorial via madison-reed.com

Looped Twist Side Pony

Looped Twist Side Pony

Tutorial via kouturekiss.com

French Braid Pigtail

french braid pigtail

Tutorial via youtube.com Image via blog.modcloth.com

Tucked Updo

Tucked Updo

Tutorial via hellonatural.co

The Half-Up Twist

The Half-Up Twist1

Tutorial via totalwomenscycling.com

Braided Bangs 3 Ways

Braided bangs 3 Ways

Tutorial via brit.co

French Braid Headband

French braid headband

Tutorial via ehow.com Image via blog.modcloth.com

Plait Buns

Plait Bun

Tutorial via totalwomenscycling.com

3 Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Biking To Work


Tutorial via refinery29.com

The Sophisticated Knot

Sohisticated Knot1

Tutorial via elle.com

Now you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

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