10 Creative and Affordable Team Building Exercises Recommended by Denver PEO StaffScapes for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

You are a small business owner who has just done their first round of hiring. You selected quality candidates that seem excited about your new company. Now what?

If you want your team to do positive and productive things for your organization, you need to promote teamwork and foster creativity. 

StaffScapes, a PEO in Denver, Colorado, takes notice of the importance of team building and bonding that helps ensure positive employee relationships. Here are ten creative and affordable team-building exercises for entrepreneurs and small businesses that StaffScapes recommends: 

1. Escape Room

Escape rooms are a popular new entertainment outlet that tests problem-solving skills and a lot of teamwork to find a way out of the room. 

2. Two Lies and One Truth

Guessing games such as Two Lies and One Truth require group participation. Every individual has a turn to go. An individual will tell the group three facts about him or her self, but only one of those facts is correct. Employees will learn a little more about each other while having a good laugh and guessing which statement is accurate. 

3. Paper Airplane Competition

On a rainy day, when productivity levels seem to lag, try to create a little competition with teams of two working together to create the ultimate paper airplane. Set a time limit on paper plane production and establish the desired distance to see which team’s plane flies the best. 

4. Board Games

Dedicate an afternoon in the office or an extra hour of lunch to board games! Have employees bring in their favorite board games to share with the rest of the office and let the matches begin. 

5. Trivia 

Host a meeting and communicate all critical company information through a game of office trivia. It is a fun way to help employees remember crucial information while connecting with other employees, too. 

6. Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts are fun, low-cost, and a great way to exercise strategic thinking as a team.  

7. Help the Community Together

Taking time to give back to the community as a company through charitable opportunities is both positive brand exposure and productive team building. 

8. Sports Outing 

Offer company outing opportunities to local sports games such as baseball or basketball and encourage team spirit by cheering on the players together. 

9. Surprise Adventure

Have employees schedule out one day a month to participate in a surprise adventure. Formulate excitement and positive energy by not revealing the destination or activity until the day of the outing. Depending on your team’s capabilities without any exclusion, you can choose activities such as participating in a local high ropes course or simply taking a trip to the ice cream shop.

10. Get Outdoors

StaffScapes agrees that in Colorado, a twenty-minute drive can lead you to some of the most beautiful hikes in the country. You’ll bond in nature with your team and only have to spend a few dollars on gas if transportation splits between carpools.

About StaffScapes: 

StaffScapes helps businesses in the Metro-North area and throughout Colorado navigate the complex landscape of human resource compliance, policies, and best practices. Outsourcing your Human Resource work to an experienced partner simplifies one of the most complex and demanding areas of business. As a company, we take a comprehensive three-step approach to helping your company manage your business’s human resources (HR) responsibilities through – people, profit, and protection.

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