10 Cool Pet Holidays To Take in The UK

Most pet lovers like the idea of including their pets when they spend their holidays. There are many ways to spend holidays with your pets and if you are one of those fur parents who do not want to leave their fur pets behind, here are some places which you can bring along your pet to enjoy and relax too.

Pets celebrate well on holidays, depending on what characters are prominent in their pet holiday attitude. Specifically for dog-lovers, there are 500+ holiday cottages with dogs available in the UK to help make your vacation more comfortable and memorable. Beaches can be appealing for water-loving pets, and some places can satisfy a historical hound which is so-called because they are more educated than other pets. There are also sociable pets that love to play with other furry friends, while a hungry hound can be satisfied if you bring them to restaurants. The country hound, on the other hand, loves to accompany you on a holiday walk.

1. Shoregate Fisherman’s cottage

The Shoregate fisherman’s cottage in Fife, Scotland, is perfect for a seaside holiday for your pets who love running along with the sea waves. This place is  located above Crail’s harbour and it has a setting packed with assorted knick-knacks, fantastic sea views as well as several local pet-friendly eateries for tired and hungry water-loving dogs. If you want, you can also bring your pets to a sailing activity or surfing activity which will truly satisfy their water experience.

2. Little Silver Farmhouse

This property in South Molton, Devon has  Sitting room with a large inglenook fireplace and ceiling beams. It  has four bedrooms that can accommodate two people in each room. Outside is two acres of garden with grazing and a stable enough to accommodate your pet horse. But remember to request the stable in advance.  

3. St Michaels Resort

St Michaels Resort is another pet-friendly hotel located in Falmouth, Cornwall, England which is just a few minutes away from Falmouth Harbour. There are many beaches and clifftop paths that will be delightful to visit along with your pet. Plus, you can bring them with you when you are in the lounges and bar of the resort.

4. Barony Castle Hotel

If you have an intelligent dog, you will find it very convenient to know that your historical hound is allowed in the bar of the 16th-century Barony Castle Hotel located in Peebles, Scottish Borders in Scotland. You can visit this castle with a 25-acre land area and is also just thirty-five minutes away from Edinburgh, and you can even dine with your fur partner in their indulgent Murray Lounge or their conservatory or even on the courtyard especially in good weather.

4. Esplanade Hotel

The Esplanade Hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England was formerly composed of large terrace houses in the 1840s before being transformed into a hotel. Your educated dog can be satisfied strolling in the historic Italian gardens, or you can walk to the well-known Scarborough seafront or even explore the Yorkshire Moors. 

5. Ellister Lodge

This house is located in Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay, Argyll. The property is located in an elevated location overlooking Loch Indaal. Nearby is Port Charlotte, a seaside village with various shops and museums . They allow dogs and various small pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, among others to stay. 

6. Jack Russell 

The Jack Russell located in Andover, Hampshire, England offers an ultimate haven for your dogs with their ground floor Suite, The Bulldog, which has instant outdoor access plus an impressive seating area for you and your family. You can also choose from other room selections aptly named from dog breeds which makes them dog-friendly as ever. They also have resident welcomers, their Betty the labrador and Barney the spaniel, that will warmly welcome your furry pets. Then, you can also avail their exclusive doggy beer specially made to bump up the holiday for your dog while you enjoy eating in their casual dining room and bar because they allow you to bring them with you. They even have dog biscuits and treats available every morning. This place will match the personality of a country hound.

7. Butterbee House Cottages 

Butterbee House Cottages close to the town of Callington has three acres of beautiful gardens that can accommodate you and your pet horse, dog and other small pets. It has two cottages to choose from,namely the Beehive and the Chrysalis

8. Loch Lomond Waterfront

The Loch Lomond Waterfront, Balmaha, Glasgow, Scotland is another place for your sociable dogs. There are abundant five-star dog-friendly lodges and chalets to choose from, and there are some dog-friendly pubs that you can visit. They also have their resident Irish Terrier Flynn that will be a perfect match for your friendly pets because Flynn is always happy to meet new furry friends. 

9. Elephant Hotel

Hungry hounds will be satisfied for a gourmet getaway holiday, and the Elephant Hotel is an excellent choice for them. The Elephant Hotel located in Pangbourne, Berkshire, England, is also near the River Thames. A boutique hotel that is previously known as the “The Copper Inn” among the locals, this can be reached via a short walk from Pangbourne train station or even from the Thames Path. It has an Indian-Empire theme complete with handcrafted Indian furniture for its furnished rooms. You can treat your dogs in the Baba Bar, and you can even leave them there for an indulging food experience while you have an exclusive fine-dining experience in the hotel’s restaurant, Christoph’s. If you want, you can even avail a dog Room Service menu that features a sirloin steak for your hungry hound aside from the various dog foods that are served such as the breakfast sausage or dog biscuits.

10. Wheatsheaf Inn

If you prefer a quirky hotel, the Wheatsheaf Inn in Northleach, Gloucestershire, England will be sufficient for you and your pet. This was an old coaching inn in the Cotswolds with contemporary aesthetic furnishings and accoutred with wisteria and vines and has a honey-coloured appearance. Your dog can tag along with you when you dine in their restaurant or if they are packed with visitors, you can always enjoy a meal at dog-friendly The Wild Duck Inn and The Tavern, both 25-minute drive away.

These are just some of the cool places if you want your pet to have a holiday based on their personality, but you still need to consider your budget. Your budget is significant because every once in awhile, any pet-lover also wants a perfect bargain. There are also other well-known areas conducive for spending a holiday with your pet. These include the Windermere Cruises, which is the right choice if you prefer a sea holiday because the staff allow well-behaved pups on board, that they can even provide a travel ticket for your furry companion. Another popular destination is The Milky Way located down on the South West coast and also The Dales & Moors and even the Lake District, each offering unique pet holiday experience from beaches to captivating landscapes and resplendent walks of Northern England.

Furthermore, since pets are still animals, you may also want to consider looking for other nearby attractions so you too can enjoy the area, especially if you are leaving your pets in one place. Also, have a lookout for pubs and restaurants, that claims to allow pets, but when you go there, you will be dismayed that your pet will not be allowed to be alone. You can also check if the cottages have packages exclusive for pets or even personalised gifts. These items will be satisfying to complement the holiday experience. There are tonnes available on the internet, and you only need to make sure that you read the terms and conditions before making a complete booking deal.

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