10 Campervan Accessories You Can’t Live Without

A campervan is a reflection of your personality, your creativity, and the desire to explore the world the way you want. 

It doesn’t matter if your van is fresh off the factory floor or if it has seen better days. What does matter is where your van takes you, and the lasting memories you make along the way.

Still, there’s something to be said for equipping your van with the right gear to make adventuring more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. Ask any road warrior about their favorite van accessories, and they’ll surely have an opinionated answer!

This isn’t about having the newest, most expensive van on the market or emptying your pockets for crazy high-tech gear. The point is to turn your van into a second home and install the accessories that actually make a difference in your experience on the road.

Let’s list the top 10 campervan accessories we can’t live without, giving you what you need to make the most of every mile.

1. Custom Roof Rack

True van adventurers know why a roof rack tops our list without question. A custom rack unlocks so many possibilities for your van by taking advantage of the entire surface area of the roof, which would otherwise go underutilized.

Roof racks allow you to easily install awnings, heating and cooling components, and other pieces of essential gear that will prove vital on the road.

2. Side Ladder

With a well-fitted roof rack in place, you’ll want to have easy access to this upper storage space at any time. A fitted side ladder makes this possible, keeping you and your loved ones safe when it’s time to grab gear or lock it in place.

You’ll use this ladder more than you think, and plus, it adds an awesome utilitarian look to your van that makes it stand out on the road.

3. Heavy Duty Pull Out Tray

Some gear is better kept on the inside of your van, but also requires instant access and deployment. A pull-out tray system can be the perfect solution for gear like bikes that need to be protected from the elements on the road.

This type of tray is capable of moving a lot of weight with ease (up to 500 pounds), and adds a huge convenience boost when you need essential items fast.

4. Hanging Solo Bed

The adrenaline of adventure can keep you motivated for days, but eventually, you’ll need to get some shut-eye. Instead of setting up camp and rolling out the tents and sleeping bags, this hanging solo bed lets you sleep soundly in the comfort of your own van.

This accessory is a time-saver, and also a lifesaver if you need to take a power nap for a long journey ahead.

5. Custom-Fit Awning

The beating summer sun can sometimes be too harsh, even for the most intrepid outdoorsmen and women. The answer to this issue is a custom awning that attaches to the roof of your van and unfurls with ease.

An awning can be an absolute game-changer when you’re seeking protection from the sun during the hottest months of the year, gives you some extra outdoor sanctuary on the road.

6. Wheel Well Storage Cubby

One fact holds true regardless of your adventuring experience: there’s never enough storage on the road. That van might look big at first, but it fills up fast, and you need to stay on top of the organization as well.

This is where a wheel well storage cubby comes into play, designating a corner of your van to hold a bunch of extra gear and making the most of every square inch available.

7. Premium Kitchen Galley

Who said it’s difficult to eat well on the road? With a kitchen galley installed in your van and a few pieces of extra gear stored within, it’s more than possible to cook hearty, healthy meals as often as you want. 

Most galleys are simply shells to which you can add a fridge-freezer, a sink, a stove, or whatever else you see fit. These are compact designs that save space and still let you, chef, it up like a pro!

8. Portable Air Cooler

It’s not a matter of if, but when it will get too hot to handle in your van cabin. Be ready to battle the heat with proper ventilation and a portable air cooler that’s up for the job. 

These implements should be fairly compact and lightweight, and totally worth the investment. Keeping a cool head is crucial to stay safe and happy on the road, so don’t overlook this important accessory.

9. Ski and Snowboard Rack

Hitting the slopes has never been easier and more enjoyable when you have a van that’s up for the task. 

Adding a ski and snowboard rack to your van will save you tons of space on the interior of your vehicle and give you the early advantage when it’s time to shred. With so much space on top of a campervan, this component can store gear for an entire party of skiers and boarders.

10. Cam Strap Set with Loops

There’s bound to be some loose pieces of gear or components that shift around in the back of the van – at the worst possible time. Lock everything into place with cam straps that are built for the long haul.

These components are so easy to install, move around, and adjust to your exact specifications. No longer will you have to worry about cargo sliding, shifting, or costly accidental damage.

Accessorize for Adventure

A van, an anything-goes attitude, and the spirit of curiosity. Those ingredients are the necessities for adventure. But the accessories on this list will take your on-the-road experience to new heights.

Remember – your dream van is always a work in progress, and experimentation is the key to unlocking your vehicle’s full potential. With this set of accessories to get you started, your ultimate road-warrior setup is closer than you think.